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MomofmanyinPlainfield July 22, 2014 at 02:00 PM
Wait, they STILL let Peck talk?! Have they learned NOTHING?
Vicky Polito July 22, 2014 at 03:03 PM
I couldn’t sit quiet after a few pieces of nonsense I heard! One dependable amusement inRead Morelife is watching Garrett Peck screw up his face like he’s this month’s cover story for “Huh?” magazine whenever anyone questions his ill thought out posturing. He does a terrible job of faking incomprehension—at least I hope he’s faking!—whenever anyone makes a statement opposing one of his. When the rep from Ryan Homes was trying to answer his question, Peck was disgracefully rude and thereby a terrible representative of Plainfield. Anyone who watches this meeting should also catch the part where Peck says the only stupid question is the one not asked and then asks a very stupid question regarding the Fair Housing Act. He’s big lately on displaying his “knowledge” of the names of—and just the names of—various laws. I’m grateful and proud to say that Jim Racich and I are friends, but beyond that I respect him as one of the many people in Plainfield not just out for themselves, but who love this town and are energized for good by its potential. Jim Racich spoke about what he saw as wrong in others, but also admitted where he sees his own failings. That’s not just good, it’s great. I disagreed with Trustees Bonuchi and Rippy because I felt that they not only bent to gossip in this one instance but furthered it, unfairly. But, as much as I might disagree with either of them, at least I can talk to them. Honestly, as much as I may have offended her at times, Margie has NEVER once shut me out or refused to speak to me when I’ve approached her. That’s a good quality to have no matter what and I respect it very much. Dan Rippy has, in his own sometimes bossy way (it’s a lawyer thing, I’m convinced), reached out to me to help me at times, and I appreciate that generosity, too. Trustee Lamb told me after the meeting that he simply meant in his comment (about one perk of being an elected official being you didn’t need to explain your vote—oops!) that there was a procedurally correct time to discuss the license and that was when he thought the trustees should have spoken up, not during/after a vote. Not sure I agree (because this was originally, on the 7th, in the consent agenda), but I appreciate his trying to explain his view to me after I criticized his words. Again, just disagreeing is not a problem among any grouping of people and most people get that and know that working things out through open dialogue is the smart thing to do.
my conscience July 22, 2014 at 03:11 PM
The meeting was difficult to stomach.
ZoeMom July 20, 2014 at 03:31 PM
Drove by this morning and it was as though she'd marked the perimeter of her territory with paperRead Moresh opping bags. Surely, some agency will stop by to inquire. The heat is dangerous today.
Vicky Polito July 20, 2014 at 05:31 PM
I had seen a woman who looked to be in bad shape sitting with one high-piled cart in the grassyRead Morearea at the 135th Street driveway into the Menard’s lot. I'm glad that much of the tone here so far seems to have kindness and some basic respect for these other human beings, even while I think no one is ignoring that this is not just terrible for these people but potentially a problem for residents. It's so hard for a lone few or, harder still, for one individual to do anything effective and meaningful for people who are in this situation. Nationally, as a society, we don’t have a great system of supporting the good organizations that can help in these tragedies. On the other side, we do live in a free society and can't always force someone to take the help that is offered. Simply put, no matter how it’s stigmatized, being poor isn’t a crime and neither is making others uncomfortable or sad. I've had a little experience with this and it's heart-breaking when you either can't find help for a person in suffering or you can find help but the person just refuses it. That said, sometimes the right help can reach the right person. I hope that in this case, that happens. If I can find a way to help in that goal, I'll do it and share what I find. If anyone out there can help, I'd like to hear about how and if there are things others can and should do or even just hear what successes and failures you come across. Sadly, this is something that many of us have seen before and may see again.
Erica July 21, 2014 at 10:10 PM
Sunday night I saw a Plainfield police officer talking to a homeless man on the sidewalk next toRead MoreCul ver's. The officer appeared to be trying to help the man find somewhere to go.
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