Return of Hardee's Brings Mixed Reaction in Plainfield

Hardee's also has plans for locations in Oswego, Yorkville.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
Hardee's is back.

After leaving the area in the 1980s, the charbroiled burger chain is making a comeback: A new location recently opened in Bolingbrook, and another will open in a former Burger King this year on Route 59 in Plainfield. It's a sort of homecoming for the chain, which was the first fast-food restaurant in the village in the early '80s.

A former Yorkville Burger King is also slated to be transformed into a Hardee's, along with the former Taco Veloz restaurant in Oswego. No opening dates have been set.

But despite no shortage of fast-food options in Plainfield, some readers were happy to learn that Hardee's, home of the "Thickburger" and crispy curls, was coming back to the village. Others were less than thrilled to see Burger King replaced by another fast-food joint. Here's what some had to say on Facebook:

  • Randi M: Whoo hoo! Love Hardee's!
  • Bill B: Awesome. BK sucks.
  • Robby B: Hardees Prolly Will Make More $$$ Then BK! & Give It A Year U see more hardees/carl jrs around like sonic is doing now!
  • Bree H: Fake food replaced by fake food. What a concept....
  • Chris H: They should've put in a Noodle & Co!
  • Britt C: Wish it was Trader Joes!!!
  • Cara E: Gross. Both disgusting.
  • Kaitlyn G: I remember the old hardee's in Plainfield! It was nasty! Bring back Joyce Lee. They had the best crab rangoon.
  • Fran B: We had hardee's before by St Mary's years ago. Why bring it back.
  • David T: What!? BK is SO much better than Hardee's! ugh. great, another "smart" move from Plainfield.

Hardee's announced in October that it planned to expand in the suburban Chicago market, opening new stores Elk Grove Village and Midlothian in 2013. Long-range plans call for 35 new restaurants in the next seven years, according to a Chicago Sun-Times article.

The St. Louis-based company also plans to move to the northeastern part of the United States. Plans call for about 200 new stores in five years in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Massachusetts markets, the story said. 

The company also owns the Carl's Jr. fast-food restaurant chain.


What do you think? Are you glad to see the return of Hardee's, or would you prefer a fast food alternative?

Don Gettys January 10, 2014 at 12:21 PM
I like Hardee's. I had a burger from one last year, and it was great. Fast food is fine, in extreme moderation. If eating fast food every day doesn't kill you, you might just wish it would.
Ericus Alanas January 10, 2014 at 02:21 PM
im so happy crap food is going to be replaced by more crap food!
Lisa S. January 10, 2014 at 03:31 PM
Everyone can pontificate on what 'should' have gone there, if Hardees arrival is good or bad, and if the food 'sucks' or not. The bottom line is they are a solvent business that is going to bring in jobs and tax dollars...Hello? Don't we need more jobs and more tax dollars in Plainfield!
Ericus Alanas January 10, 2014 at 03:42 PM
If the hardees corporation moved here its one thing, but a store replacing another store is minimal if not even for the tax and jobs argument. this town is literally filled with minimum wage jobs and not much else. Just being hopeful better quality places setup rather than this would be nice.
Hector January 10, 2014 at 05:27 PM
Vicky, I find it interesting how you wish Hardees "good luck in this(re-)expansion effort" yet went on a tirade against the new McDonalds in town.


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