Park District...Its a Mess.

Another day, another controversy at the Park District.  This time the narcissist in chief, Garrett Peck is caught in a lie.  But this one is bigger than all the others.  He lied to the public by telling the Patch that there would be no retaliation of employees who wanted to join AFSME.  But, it turns out there was according to the Illinois Labor Relations Board.  Before the "Plainfield Four" came into power, park district employees never considered joining a union because they were being treated fairly.  But once the Four got in, they all feared for the jobs because of their "scorched earth"policy is letting long term employees go.

The legal fees have been increased in the budget because Garrett and his band of misfits knew what they were doing was wrong and many more lawsuits were coming down the pike.  Why are employees "resigning" but are being given $10,000-$20,000 as they "resign" and have to sign a confidentiality agreement?  Sounds a little like the Metra scandal from last year 

Who are the Park District's lawyers?  Who have they given campaign donations to in the past?  How where they chosen to represent the PPD?  Was there an interview process?  Same goes to the firm that will now be handling all the architectural design and planning work.  Who have they contributed to in the past?  

My question now is, can I FOIA the campaign funds of Peck, Hutado, Steinys and Silosky?  They might all be empty but their reports should be on file with the state of Illinois.  Want to get to the bottom of something, follow the money.  Too many questions have been raised since the "Plainfield Four" came into to power and we the taxpayers deserve answers.


Joe Kordik
Plainfield Township 25th Precinct
Republican Committeeman 
Jimmy Parks January 23, 2014 at 02:48 PM
Great points Joe. I hope that you can get some answers. If anything is asked of the "Plainfield Four" at the meetings, this is what you get: Hurtado looking down, smirking or playing tic-tac-toe. Peck, looking down, confused or playing tic-tac-toe. Steinys, ready to be ignorant at any moment, thinking he is the bully of all bullies. Silosky, unsure of where she is, why she is there and always waiting for Poker Pete or Peck to tell her what to do. Good luck in your search.
Penny Wharvey January 24, 2014 at 08:45 AM
I followed your advice and checked out the filing reports for the people you listed. Apparently Doug Booth managed the campaigns of Janet Silosky and Peter Hurtado. Could not find any report for Mr. Steinys. Starting to catch on to how much political hiring occurred and why. Thanks for pointing this out.


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