Veto SB5593

That's what the Herald Editorial board seems to think at least;

Why, because the park board 'majority' has already been broken up. They are certainly entitled to their opinion in 'thinking' that. But you would have to be buried under 15 tons of rock to think this majority isnt still fully intact. Silosky has broken ranks? Really? I also have a bridge for sale - perhaps the Herald editorial board would like to buy that too. And perhaps Silosky shouldn't be seen around town talking with Peck still, at least that would help out the story they are trying to push that this bill is no longer needed.

Unless all 3 of the majority clowns have suddenly resigned(Silosky, Hurtado, Steinys), this bill is still needed just as much now as ever.

On the plus side, at least the Herald has shown they are as clueless as possible. Which is too bad, because it almost looked like they were about to turn that paper around from the disaster it had become. Unfortunately, with their strange between-the-lines allegiance of this board majority, they just seem to be be creating a new disaster for themselves.

Vicky Polito June 04, 2014 at 06:36 PM
I commented at length on the H-N article and I encourage Gov. Quinn to sign this bill into law as soon as he can. One of the many problems I have with the idea that the existing board majority has been broken up is that Janet Silosky has told the public since January, more than once at meetings and in the media that she had and has no contact with Garrett Peck. But, she gave him her proxy vote at PTRO just after the spring election (just before she resigned as committeeman). How and why would she do that if she were not still working with and influenced by Peck? She told a mutual friend that she talks often with Peck, but told another person we both know that she hasn’t spoken to him at all since he left the PTPD job! Why are there two “truths” out there on such a simple point? How do I change, switch my view, and trust her as an honest agent for the public? I'd be willing to do that if she could live that, could show she is. But, reality and facts make it clear that she's still working with and likely for Peck's interests first, and for her own. She's just flip-flopped too often and hasn't proved herself. Hurtado is still the sorry excuse he's always been. Steinys is so pathetic that he voted "no" to validating the winner of the dog park naming contest and renaming the park at the last meeting (Face, meet Palm)! What's changed in substance about the board majority that makes having two more commissioners ASAP less necessary?
Tim June 04, 2014 at 07:22 PM
Vicky - Do you know of any outlets to show the governor that the residents do support this, and that we do want this to be signed into law? Other than what many of us have already done in signing the witness slips, and sending emails to our reps, is there another channel to communicate this directly to the governor? I want to make it known as loudly as possible to him(in his election year) that this is something that tens of thousands of people are quite interested in seeing passed. As for the Herald, the bookmark to their site has been removed from all my devices.
Vicky Polito June 04, 2014 at 07:56 PM
Well, myself and a lot of people I know have just gone to his web page, to the sub-page for contact--located here: http://www2.illinois.gov/gov/Pages/ContacttheGovernor.aspx We've each called his office (you can call both) and filled out the little form that sends an email. Note that when I did mine, the reply I got directly via email (and I'm sure it's a fairly auto-mated reply) first thanked me for my interest in "state parks", so I sent another message to clarify that I was supporting the signing of HB5593. Frankly, I think the phone calls are easier and faster, but I did do both. In the call, which a real person/staffer answers and takes the message down, just say that you're a resident of Illinois and/or of the PTPD and you want to ask the governor to sign HB5593 into law as soon as possible. It takes about 40 seconds to do and is easy. That's all I have, Tim. Hope it's useful. Thanks.
Vicky Polito June 04, 2014 at 09:40 PM
It occurs to me to be a little more directly helpful and list the phone numbers, at least, to Gov. Quinn's office. SPRINGFIELD OFFICE: 217-782-0244 CHICAGO OFFICE: 312-814-2121. There you go, give him a quick call!


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