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Joliet West Teacher Offers Thoughts on Bullying

As part of Patch's partnership with Joliet Township High School, a teacher shares his thoughts on the character attributes at JTHS.

On Nov. 4, Patch announced the launch of its partnership with Joliet Township High School to promote their Character in Community program. Patch will show two videos per week of community members, students, faculty, staff, alumni, etc. Each will speak to students about one of the character attributes or will encourage kids to stay the course in high school.

Want to add a video to our project? Contact Local Editor Dawn Aulet by email or by calling 815-531-7412.

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John Roberts December 26, 2012 at 05:29 PM
Where ever there are submissive people there will always be bullies..I was a kid with cancer been bullied.lol Until !!! ...I had to make a stand.if you do not you will continued to get bullied..I have seen incifpdenced where it took people goin to the authorities,to incidences where they had to get others to wreak violence on someone to make them stop..my kid went thought it by a kid who was " sick" lol had ADD...this kid tried to get away with what ever he could he played the roll if you know what I mean..like talking about your kid while their in the room..they play the roll...well the next day he went to school he got messed with by another student all together....Until !!! He balled up his fists and gave 4 or 5 bullies a black eye. I tought him how to punch straight,hard,fast and quietly....He does not get messed with anymore...me I had to put my Social Studies book in a book bag and knocked someone out with it...never got messed with again...This is the same tactics that are used in politics..if there are submissive people there will be aggressors of thoes people...
John Roberts December 26, 2012 at 05:39 PM
You must make a stand..period...it is your being,your life,your safety...no one can protect it better than you..you go to authorities,people still find you,you go to school officials the teachers are not there when your running around your neighborhood,...people must learn to stand and fight on a violent world..you do have to meet violence with violence sometimes...out witting someone can cause more aggression with same result,you end up having to defend yourself...This is a violent world and sometimes in a violent world you have to face violence with violence...think not?..what is war?...what do police do? What do politicians do? Give you and treat you with the most violence permitted by man...beatings,killings,or locking you up in a violent prison....Learn to stand,learn to defend,and even if you can not...no one likes a confident combatant....only a submissive victim...you can be a violent defender of your rights,liberty,and personal health with out becoming a violent person..
John Roberts December 26, 2012 at 05:45 PM
I know I talk about fighting and standing up..but if you do not the person will continue to mess with you..or go on to someone else that becomes a victim and that is just as bad..just because it is not you anymore does not make it alright....It's time to start thinking....most bullies lack something weather love,caring,mom and dad issues and will probably always have the complex...so to let them be and go one punishing people is not the way...it's time to start knocking bullies the hell out...of course there is always therapy,counciling,police...but none of that stops the bully..it only encourages him..." man I really messed him up" ..." I made him have to go get help...Until !!!! The only way that I have ever seen a bully stop bullying is when they ended up on their backs dazed and confused...lmao
Manny P. December 26, 2012 at 07:46 PM
Sounds like some good advise you gave your kid. Too bad this is not the 1950's anymore where your "story" might hold water, but in the age of the gangs and guns it just doesn't work. Yes you need to stand up for yourself, and sometimes you have to fight. However, learning to resolve the issue in a non-violent way makes you a better person.
Christine December 26, 2012 at 08:54 PM
Schools are a reflection of society. As long as kids spend more time sleeping or at school than under their parents' direction, you will continue to see rampant peer orientation. Kids are kids and need direction. It's their family's responsibility to give it to them. Hard to do that when they hardly see them. If kids didn't need direction and protection from parents, they wouldn't have them.


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