Man Buys I-55 Billboard in Search of Love

The billboard, high above the Stevenson Expressway, lets commuters know that Gordon Engle is looking for a date.

In an age of Internet dating, Gordon Engle has gone old school. And big. He's bought a gigantic billboard on the Stevenson Expressway in search of his soul mate.

The billboard, which reads, "I'm GORDON. Let's have dinner!" supplies a link to his website, HelpGordyFindLove.com, where those who want to take him up on that meal can let him know.

Engle lives in Charlotte, NC, but chose to place the billboard here because he was born in the area and this is where his parents met, according to Fox News Chicago.

Watch the video above to hear more of Engle's story. 

What do you think of Engle's creativity? Would you respond to a personal ad on a billboard? 


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