Plainfield Library Patrons: Speed Up Your Checkout With Mobile App

The Plainfield Public Library is now using the CardStar application.

Ever have a hard time hunting down your library card? Tired of membership cards cluttering your purse or wallet? The Plainfield Public Library has a solution.

Patrons can now use the CardStar app when they're checking out their books, music and DVDs at the Plainfield library. The app allows users to import all their loyalty, membership and rewards cards in one place on their smartphone. 

"Then, when you go to the store (or the library), instead of shuffling through a disorganized stack of cards in your wallet, you can now open the CardStar app, open your loyalty card barcode and present your phone to the clerk," according to the library's website.on your phone.

For more information, visit www.cardstar.com or check out the application in your smartphone's app store.


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