Revised Road Closings for St. Mary Immaculate 5K

Expect delays on Saturday morning near the Route 59 church.

Submitted by Plainfield police:

On Saturday, May 17, the St Mary Immaculate 5K Run will be occurring in and around Saint Mary’s Immaculate Church and School, 15629 S. Route 59.  

Due to the large number of participants expected and the planned event course, commuters and residents may experience increased traffic or temporary road closures.  

The first race will be a kids’ 2k run beginning at 7:30 a.m. The kids’ run begins at the church and travels around the circle made by Frederick Avenue, Robert Avenue, Benson Street and Julie Street, then out to Central Elementary School and back to the church. The kids’ run will not impact Renwick Road or any of the neighborhoods south of Renwick Road.

The St. Mary Immaculate 5K Run will begin at 8 a.m. in the parking lot of St Mary Immaculate School, 15629 S. Route 59. It will proceed north on Frederick Street to Getson Avenue, to Central Elementary School.  Runners continue east through the school property to Howard Street. Turning south on Howard St., runners cross Renwick Road to Orchard Lane, then west to Arbor Drive. Participants travel south on Arbor Drive, then east on Reuben Drive to Dan O’Connell Drive, north on Dan O’Connell and return to Orchard Lane east to Howard Street. Runners again cross Renwick Road on Howard and enter into the parking lot of Central Elementary School. Runners exit Central Elementary School onto Getson Drive and travel west to Frederick Ave. Runners make a loop of Frederick Ave, Robert Ave, Benson Street and Julie Street, before returning to the finish line at Saint Mary’s Church and School. This race will last approximately 1-1/2 hours. 

Due to the St Mary Immaculate 5K race, the following roads will temporarily close and parking will be prohibited beginning at 7 a.m. until the bulk of the runners/walkers have cleared the area:

  • Frederick Street between Robert Avenue and Renwick Road
  • Renwick Road at Howard Street when runners are present
  • Arbor Drive from Renwick Road to Rueben Street
  • Dan O’Connell Drive from Renwick Road to Rueben Street
  • Orchard Lane and Reuben Drive between Dan O’Connell and Arbor Drive
  • Getson Drive, Robert Ave, Benson Street and Julie Street

Police anticipate all roadways will be re-opened no later than 10:30 a.m.


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