Riverfront Foundation Named Plainfield Chamber Non-Profit of the Year

Planning is under way for the foundation's largest fundraiser, Plainfield Fest.

Credit: Submitted photo
Credit: Submitted photo
The Plainfield Riverfront Foundation, dedicated to raising money to revitalize the riverfront, was named the 2013 non-profit of the year by the Plainfield Area Chamber of Commerce at last months' State of the Village luncheon.

Pictured, left to right front row - Dan Rippy, Heather Heavens, Jeff Dement, Nicki Alander, Margie Bonuchi,Second row left to right - Tom Ruane, Rob Epley, Jonathan Proulx, Eric Marsaglia, Ed Arter. (Not shown: Debbie Olson, Don Andrews, Jean Brannen, Larry Newton, Allen Persons, Rev. Clem Walchshausen)
Vicky Polito February 21, 2014 at 01:54 PM
Thanks to everyone who actually is working to make strides at the Riverfront Foundation. Now, if we could just get the Plainfield Township Park District to do what it's supposed to be doing as regards the Riverfront Foundation, has in theory been on the page for doing for a long, long time, that would be great. This project is stalling out a bit because Garrett Peck and Peter Hurtado and crew at PTPD didn't just drop the ball, they kicked the ball out of play because they don't especially care about the Riverfront's development! For MONTHS the Riverfront Foundation has tried to get a response and action from the PTPD management, only to be stiffed and seeing some efforts having to be totally scrapped because PTPD stopped working on this. Get it together, PTPD and get this moving forward as it should. Too many people, like park commissioner Larry Newton, have worked too hard to make this real for it to be left to languish due to the ineptitude, ignorance, and greed of a very few!


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