Where to Get Your Girl Scout Cookie Fix in Plainfield

It's the season of all things sweet, savory and Thin Mint, which means readers need to track down their nearest Girl Scout Troop to place orders for their fix.

It's time to stock up on your favorite Girl Scout cookies, and Plainfield Patch plans to make it deliciously easy for you. 

We're making a list of any local troops who can deal a sugary fix of your favorite variety.

Here's a handy list of local troops, leaders and their contact information. They're ready and waiting to deliver the cookies you crave.

Can't remember which variety you like best? When in doubt, buy a bunch—or check out the Cookie Guide.

The SalesGirls

Troop 70233
Contact Barbara via email at troop233@hotmail.com.

Troop 68
Contact Jill via email at jpkullen@yahoo.com, or Carianne at 630-615-0103 or carrianneurkaitis@yahoo.com

Troops 809, 857 and 246
Contact Amanda via email at teacher8500@sbcglobal.net

Troop 70507
Text or call Elena at 815-528-8059. 

Troop 70715
Contact Sarah via email at Gstroop70715@gmail.com or call 815-557-6885.

Troop 351
Contact Carrie via at 630-404-4753.

Troops 863 and 602
Contact Carrie at 630-835-6625 or Plainfieldgirlscouts@gmail.com.

Troop 184
Contact Lori via email at Troop184@hotmail.com.

Troop 836
Contact Tara at 815-685-2820.

Troop 70851
Contact Jennifer at 815-782-6252.

Troop 70565
Contact Stacey at 630-862-4153.

Troop 4812
Contact Jennifer at 815-436-6802.

Troop 1155
Contact Gina at 708-525-2734.

Troops 809, 566 and 246
Contact Michelle at 815-693-7600 or purplemnms@comcast.net.

Troop 70705
Contact Jen at 773-818-9924.

Troop 807
Contact Kelli via email at kelligates@comcast.net.

Troop 70517
Contact Debi via email at gscookies517@aol.com.

Troop 70527
Contact Nicole via email at ncavanagh013075@yahoo.com.

Troop 70829
Contact Janet at janskogs@yahoo.com or 630-788-4924.

Troop 70808
Contact Erinn at me3.henes@yahoo.com or Jen at 815-609-9874.

Troop 70018
Contact Tequilla at gst986cookiemom@yahoo.com or Lorinna at LorinnaUram@gmail.com.

Troop 560
Contact Lysa via email at lysaheaton@att.net.

Troop 987 and 148
Contact Jessica via email at jes2girls@yahoo.com.


Oh no! Did we miss your troop? Let us know by emailing shannon.antinori@patch.com.

And just in case you were wondering...

just where all that cookie money goes,we did our homework. According to the Girl Scouts of America, all of the revenue earned from cookie activities stays with the local Girl Scout council that sponsors the sale. This includes the portion that goes directly to the group selling cookies. Councils use their cookie revenue to supply essential services to troops, groups, and individual girls, such as providing program resources and communication support, training adult volunteers, and conducting special events.


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