Coming Soon: New Businesses Opening in Plainfield

Some new ventures coming to the village.

Several new businesses are coming to Plainfield, according to the village.

The list of new businesses on the village website was recently updated to include these upcoming offerings:

  • Cartridge World, 16114 S. Route 59
  • The Edge Hair Salon, 13717 S. Route 30
  • Jannat Indo/Pak Grocery & Meat, 12443 S. Route 59
A new McDonald's is also set to open at Route 30 and 135th Street on Feb. 5.

No word yet on opening dates on the other new businesses. Check back with Patch for updates.

Frank January 27, 2014 at 09:07 PM
The McDonald's opening soon near 135th & Rt. 30 (whether you are a McDonald's fan or not) will serve as a major catalyst for further growth in that area. Once that fish jumps into the pond, numerous naturally follow. It's a proven fact that many businesses, major as well as minor, wait for something like that to happen before making a move. As soon as a McDonald's opens up, it's the go-ahead sign for everything else. Because of this, within a couple of years the entire Rt. 30 landscape will change and it will be a bustling, viable business corridor.
Marie Sullivan Jurgovan January 27, 2014 at 10:16 PM
Yeah, it's not a bank or car repair shop! We don't need any more on the north side.
Grandpamike January 27, 2014 at 10:30 PM
@Frank That is certainly a view in the Pollyanna principle. The McDonalds on 127th Street, is that an example of all of the business buildout you talk of. How many business's have opened and closed in that location and also, what large types of business has grown out of that one ? Using the example of a business boom because of a McDonalds franchise opening is, at best, a fairy tale. What it would take for big box or large Corporations to open in Plainfield is a commitment by the town to offer incentives and the people to also make a commitment to patronize said business. It has not happened since I have moved here <8 years> nor had it happened prior to that. We are just one of the thousands of "strip mall" towns that dot the countryside, and will stay the same until we get capable, business oriented people working for the Village who have the knowledge and foresight to take action to build a better environment. We will never be Naperville, as we do not have the space for that type of expansion.
Frank January 28, 2014 at 09:15 AM
GM, the McDonald's on 127th came WELL after all of that development was already in place, a rare case where they've followed instead of lead. McDonald's does not plant new locations in obscure areas unless their research shows that it's a big-time good idea to do so. They're not often wrong, is all I'm saying.


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