Limestone Brewing Closes Its Doors, Relocating to Undisclosed Fox Valley Spot

The owners have been negotiating over the terms of a new lease, and were unable to come to a resolution, according the business's Web site.

It's rumor no longer -- Saturday was the last day for Limestone Brewing Company in Plainfield.

In June, it will open in a new location in the Fox Valley area of Aurora, according to the business' Web site.

"It has been a tremendous couple of years," General Manager Jason Rosendahl said. "Unfortunately, we couldn't come to an agreement with our landlord, who is facing his own set of problems with foreclosure of the property."

Although the site did not disclose where the new spot will be, it described the location is in a high-traffic area with an "enormous patio area," which is something its current property lacked.

Limestone's landlord problems became public in January, when the employees were informed the brew pub/restaurant might be closing and brewmaster Ken McMullen urged members of the Plainfield  to come by for a final drink.

It's not known if the dispute with the landlord involved anything beyond rent, which has been a problem with other tenants as well.

McMullen said in the Web site that he's looking forward to a new location in which they can do even more in terms of expanding its beer options.

"The new location is allowing us to create a brewpub that will be truly unique and all together impressive," McMullen said. "We're proud of what we've done in Plainfield but just wait till you see waht we do in Fox Valley."

Joe Ardovitch, whose Ardmin Properties owns the North Plainfield Crossing strip mall in which Limestone is located, could not be reached for comment.

Some Limestone employees were told of the possible closure last week, and brewmaster Ken McMullen sent an online note to the Plainfield Ale & Lager Enthusiasts group urging them to drop by Saturday for a beer because they could be closing.

It is known that there have been issues involving at least two other tenants at the 12337 S. Route 59 property. , which opened in 2006, shut its doors in December. Ardovitch said at the time that they were not making enough income to cover the rent.

, one of the largest tenants next to Limestone, closed in June. Ardovitch said they, too, were having trouble paying their rent but that he did not force them to shut down.

Limestone opened in December 2009, brewing beer, including a number of changing seasonal brews, on site. It also offers tours and beer tastings, live entertainment and special events, such as movie nights and team trivia competitions.

Dan Raddatz March 30, 2012 at 12:26 AM
I had to comment to "JeffK", I support any elected official that does the right thing for the people they were elected by. I think that some board members are in touch with the communities they serve. Other will have a wake up call when running for an elected position. I have been elected and served as a public official, so may be I have a greater respect for those who serve in these rolls. I still also have the right to comment on my governments need to serve me as a tax payer and resident. I could only wish that a few people who have made comments about running would truly pass petitions to run for public office.
JeffK March 30, 2012 at 03:43 AM
Mr Raddatz. I don't disagree with anything you said. Just seems the local officals you most appreciate are the same people who seem to have the most influence or power. I'm still trying to figure out how higher taxes, layoffs and the apartment building are the right thing for the people. They have done well for themselves but the community has suffered. I'm well aware of your service. Going from the fast croatian and BO to the italians. I understand you were a very important person and would never need a pep talk from someone like me. .
Dan Raddatz March 31, 2012 at 01:50 AM
"JeffK" I also agree with you on some of the issues you have commented on. I have never voiced support for the apartment complex. I have seen cut backs where I work that were at least softened buy a buy out packages that may not have covered the people in subjects we have seen in these columns. I wish you too would seek out elected officials and talk with them so you could feel your concerns are being met.You are right about "I will never need a pep talk" because I was raise to be confident enough about who I am. But you are wrong that I think I am a very important person, I enjoy life. It may be time you read the book " Who Moved My Cheese" http://www.whomovedmycheese.com/BooksBySpencerJohnson.html
Dan Raddatz April 01, 2012 at 02:02 PM
Got some extra cash, here is the auction notice for the mall. https://www.cbremarketplace.com/listings/9888/default.aspx
Pam O April 19, 2012 at 03:00 PM


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