What is Your Thumbprint

What is your thumbprint? What is your purpose? What are YOU supposed to do…if you believe as I do…what is God’s plan for you…your thumbprint…What are you meant to become?

Christmas is a time for….Charity?

Have you ever wondered…..?

What is your thumbprint?  What is your purpose?  What are YOU supposed to do…if you believe as I do…what is God’s plan for you…your thumbprint…What are you meant to become?

“Unique, unchanging, and formed five months before birth, fingerprints have been an accepted and infallible means of personal identification for a century.”

—Lifeprints, Richard Unger 

 Could reading our fingerprints reveal who we are meant to become? I’m not convinced of this but I am convinced that we are all meant for greatness and that all of our actions good and bad leave our thumbprint on this world.

WHAT IS YOUR THUMBPRINT?  What marks are you leaving?

I believe my thumbprint is to inspire while encouraging others including myself to TAKE ACTION…..wherever that action may be needed.

I recently took my 5th Grade Religious Ed class to Loaves and Fishes…our local food pantry.  I was inspired by the stories I heard, the posters of hope on the wall and the dedication of the volunteers.  I was amazed at how much they accomplished in
an afternoon, a week a month.  All of this happening in my own back yard.

I’d like to walk you through a visit to the food pantry…. Maybe it is your first time..you are scared..embarrassed and not sure this is where you should be.  You’ve never been in this situation before but this year has been exceptionally tough and feeding your family has become a major task. 

Thank God someone let you know about this wonderful mission and although you don’t want to receive your food and necessities this way the government assistance is just not providing you with enough support.  You walk in unsure of how this works and pray that this is all that you are hoping for and that your visit will be painless. When you leave you will have less stress and most importantly food to put on your table, at least for today. 

As you enter you are still praying and making all sorts of deals with God. “If I can get food for my family today, I will be kind and  thankful and share that same kindness when I am back on my feet by paying it forward”. “I promise to have more patience with my children and understand that this is a temporary situation and things will get better”.  “Please God help me through this challenging time”.

You are greeted by a sunny volunteer who looks at you and not through you, welcoming you to the pantry.   After receiving your instructions the feeling
of relief that this will be ok and that taking the initial step and leap of courage was the right choice for your family. You are carefully walked through the “store” and given what you so desperately need…and for today…maybe even feel a little hint of hope.

Can you imagine feeling like this?  Maybe you have felt this way, know someone
who has or been a few beats away from needing this kind of support.

At this time there are a record amount of people out of work and who are needing extra support like this. I am sure everyone knows of someone who has lost a job in the last few years and if it has been an extended amount of time most likely they have needed some type of support.

In November 2011 Loaves and Fishes served 10,117 people. Helped 745 Single Mom's feed their families, 867 Seniors, 621 Disabled, 4,385 Children

This is DuPage County which was just ranked in January 2011 - #1 in the ”wealthiest Illinois county per capita income” category.

Just imagine how many people are served in lesser affluent locations…

Our family knows about hard times…and life changing events.  In 2008 our youngest son Coleson was diagnosed with Leukemia ALL when he was 3 years old, a month before his 4th birthday.  We understand that in a blink
of an eye your world can be turned upside down and that the unthinkable can actually happen to you.  He just finished up a 3 and a half year treatment protocol and is doing great.  In between the diagnosis and today there have
been many scary times.  Medically, financially and emotionally speaking.  There were moments when hope seemed to be just a word we used but didn’t really feel. 

Financially we have been stretched to the limit and beyond when I lost my job soon after Coleson’s diagnosis because I was unable to perform my “employee” duties while caring for Coleson.   There were times we had to ask for help…and times help and support seemed to actually fall from the sky. We have been blessed and our priorities laid out before us.

We know the importance of time and family and recognize the everyday miracles
and that today is truly a gift.  We “see” things differently than most because of what we have been through and we NEVER sweat the small stuff.

Because of this I feel a responsibility to take action.  Action in events that directly impacts my family as well as those that cross my path. I feel a close common thread to all people in need.  Truth be told…I have made a few deals with God myself…knowing deep in my soul that he has always had a plan…I just mistook his plan for my own! We are very active in the fundraising efforts for the KidsCare Campaign at and funding the construction of the first Ronald McDonald Family Room in Illinois at Edward Hospital.  The Lighthouse Family Retreat -  a seaside retreat for families with children battling childhood cancer. Atia’s Ladybug Fund – a fund supporting programs at Comer Children’s Hospital.  Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation and recently…Loaves and Fishes.

The Christmas Spirit is contagious and with a little effort could
be stretched out throughout the year.  After the holidays there will still be need….

What marks are you leaving everyday on this world? Look around…what
common thread do you have with someone? Not all of us can be doctors, artists, nurses, authors, or leaders of state. Some of us are meant to be everyday people like you and me…living life to the best of our ability and leaving some of the best us behind…in our own thumbprint.

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