Little Lotto Ticket Worth $125,000 Sold at 7-Eleven

Winning ticket was sold in Plainfield but it's unknown if the winner is from the village, Illinois Lottery spokeswoman says.

Someone out there is $125,000 richer today than they were Wednesday, but who it is remains a mystery.

That's because they've not yet claimed the winning Little Lotto ticket sold Wednesday at the Plainfield store at 14807 S. Route 59, said Taryn Tawoda, a spokeswoman for the Illinois Lottery.

The winning numbers – 2, 10, 14, 22 and 30 – were chosen in the Wednesday night drawing.

It's impossible to know who the winner is until they turn in the ticket, which sometimes can take some time if the holder seeks legal advice on the best way to collect the money without taking a huge tax hit.

What is known is the store where the ticket was sold is in for a $1,250 bonus, 1 percent of the jackpot amount, Tawoda said in a press release.

The was worth $1 million. The winner purchased a Halloween Millionaire Raffle ticket from Plainfield Meijer store, one of four million-dollar winners in the Oct. 31 drawing. 


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