Silosky Drops Out of State Rep Race; Bolton Seeks Spot on Ballot

The Plainfield Park District Commissioner announced she is no longer running in the March primary, but a Plainfield Township official has thrown her hat into the ring.

Janet Silosky. Credit: File photo
Janet Silosky. Credit: File photo

A Plainfield Park District official has dropped out of the March 2014 general primary election.

According to an announcement posted Oct. 23 on Facebook, park commissioner Janet Silosky has halted her second run for the 98th district state representative seat.

“It is unfortunate, but as of today, a final decision had to be made regarding running for State Rep. in the 98th District, as our funding, which we had expected to materialize, did not,” the post said, going on that Silosky had no choice but to drop out of the race. “Campaigns, like cars, do not run on air. There is another candidate.”

The Oct. 23 announcement goes on to note that another Plainfield Republican — township tax collector Yvonne Sencial Bolton — will look to run against incumbent Natalie Manley (D-Joliet).

“Grateful to not be leaving a void, in fact with no primary, it helps the Republican Party,” Silosky’s post said.

While the announcement was posted last week on Silosky’s personal Facebook page, her official campaign page had not been updated since Oct. 6 as of Tuesday afternoon. According to the campaign site, a fundraiser for Silosky’s campaign was slated for Tuesday night at Cemeno’s Pizza in Joliet.

Reached via email Tuesday, Silosky confirmed she had dropped out of the race.

It would have been Silosky's second try for the office; she previously ran against Bolingbrook Republican Bob Kalnicky in the 2012 primary. Kalnicky was victorious in the primary but ultimately lost to Democrat Manley in the November 2012 election.

Bolton: ‘It was a decision I didn’t come by easily’

Bolton, the newly elected Plainfield Township tax collector, confirmed Tuesday that she plans to run in the primary.

A 21-year resident of the township, precinct committeewoman and mom of three, Bolton said she was initially hesitant to toss her hat into the ring.

“I was approached way back in June,” she said. “I thought about it for a couple months and I said no.”

Recently, Bolton said, she reconsidered.

“I disappointed my family when I said no — they really wanted me to do it," she said. Bolton said she also wanted to be a voice for Hispanic conservatives.

“I am a Hispanic and it’s been very lonely as a conservative Hispanic in the State of Illinois,” she said.

“I decided I have to do this,” Bolton added. “It’s going to be hard … but I really, really believe in what I’m doing.”


Mayhem October 30, 2013 at 07:59 AM
Thank God! Now we only have to listen to her rambling on and on and on at Park District meetings.
Vicky Polito October 30, 2013 at 09:26 AM
Jan Silosky and I will most likely never be friends, but one aspect of this is regrettable to even me: some of her local Rep colleagues, mostly over at the PTRO but also at the park district, really seemed to have been hammering her about this, trying to talk her out of trying. They're certainly entitled to place their bets as it were and tell her what they think and what they feel is the best strategy. But I have seen a few of these people, in person, be very dismissive and disrespectful of her for no apparent reason and actually against solid reason. At park district meetings, a few of the men on the dais/in front of the public have actually rolled their eyes and smirked while she's speaking or just sort of, no kidding, started staring up at the ceiling in a trance, picking at their chins not even trying to afford her the respect of listening to her. I've been very hard on and critical of Silosky, but I'm not one of her peers in public service, someone she supposedly serves WITH, or one of her (supposed) Republican allies. I know Silosky has been talking that current "grrrl power" line lately that the Tea Party women seem to be taking up as a banner (leave it to the far-Righters to come to the feminism party late). But, she and others are correct that women are still under-represented and poorly represented in public policy and government and so to watch these guys just treat her with contempt, looking and responding to her like she’s just some stupid hausfrau trying to put together a sentence is really aggravating. This is why, again, I think Silosky is actually catching wise to people like some on the PPD board/staff and beginning to find her own voice there, her own footing, and she does do better as an independent thinker there! She’s stronger, calmer, more articulate, more charming, more convincing. It’s honestly wonderful to witness. If she keeps staying true to herself instead of true to those, particularly those men, around her seeking to only use and manipulate her, she’s going to make out okay in the end. Maybe not in this particular election cycle, but eventually. And, even when I disagree very strongly with her on issues, I have got to say that I admire sincerity and hard work and willingness to try and if she keeps displaying those qualities, I’ll be one of those saying that I may not like her causes or views, but I won’t be able to fault her, to feel she isn’t worthy of public support. Good luck to Jan Silosky, I hope she can be happy, healthy, and can continue to real successes for herself and all in her community. And, here’s to us all taking a serious and thorough look at Ms. Bolton as one of our options in this round.


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