Who's Running? Candidates File for March Primary

The primary is March 18, 2014.

Credit: Patch file photo
Credit: Patch file photo
Monday was the last day to file in the March 2014 general primary.

Here's a look at which candidates are in the running. Incumbents are denoted by an asterisk:

Will County Offices

County Clerk
  • Nancy Schultz Voots* - Republican (Shorewood)
  • Nick Ficarello - Republican (Manhattan)
  • Ken Kaupas - Republican (Shorewood)
  • Ed Bradley - Democrat (University Park)
  • Steve Egan - Democrat (Joliet)
  • Mike Kelley - Democrat (Lockport)
  • Steve Weber* - Republican (Mokena)
  • Laurie Summers - Democrat (Crete)
Will County Board - District 5
  • Darren E. Bennefield - Republican (Aurora)
  • Lee Ann Goodson* - Republican (Plainfield)
  • Reed Bible* - Democrat (Plainfield)
Will County Board  - District 9
  • Annette Parker - Republican (Crest Hill)
  • Lauren Staley-Ferry - Democrat (Joliet)
  • Walter G. Adamic* - Democrat (Joliet)
  • Diane H. Zigrossi* - Democrat (Crest Hill)
For a full list of Will County Board candidates, click here.

State Offices

Representative - 97th District
  • Mark Batinick - Republican (Plainfield)
  • Richard E. Chapman - Republican (Shorewood)
  • Amanda Mancke - Republican (Oswego)
  • Dennis Grosskopf - Democrat (Shorewood)
Representative - 98th District
  • Yvonne Bolton - Republican (Joliet)
  • Natalie Manley* - Democrat (Joliet)
Senator - 42nd District
  • Linda Holmes* - Democrat (Aurora)
Governor/Lt Governor
  • Dan Rutherford/Steve Kim - Republican
  • Kirk W. Dillard/Jil Tracy - Republican
  • Bill Brady/Maria Rodriguez - Republican
  • Bruce Rauner/Evelyn Sanguinetti - Republican
  • Peter Edward Jones (no running mate)- Republican
  • Tio Hardiman/Brunell Donald - Democrat
  • Pat Quinn*/Paul Vallas - Democrat
Attorney General
  • Paul M. Schimpf - Republican (Waterloo)
  • Lisa Madigan* - Democrat (Chicago)
Secretary of State
  • Michael Webster - Republican (Willowbrook)
  • Jesse White* - Democrat (Chicago)
  • Judy Baar Topinka* - Republican (Riverside)
  • Sheila Simon - Democrat (Carbondale)
  • Tom Cross - Republican (Oswego)
  • Bob Grogan - Republican (Downers Grove)
  • Michael W. Frerichs - Democrat (Champaign)

Federal Offices

U.S. Senator
  • Douglas Lee Truax - Republican (Downers Grove)
  • James D. "Jim" Oberweis - Republican (Sugar Grove)
  • Armen Alvarez - Republican (Chicago)
  • William Lee - Republican (Rockton)
  • Richard J. Durbin* - Democrat (Springfield)
U.S. Representative in Congress - 11th District
  • Chris Balkema - Republican (Channahon)
  • Bert Miller - Republican (Hinsdale)
  • Darlene Senger - Republican (Naperville)
  • Ian Bayne - Republican (Aurora)
  • Craig Robbins - Republican (Lisle)
  • Bill Foster* - Democrat (Naperville)

Also on the ballot

The Plainfield Park District has placed three advisory questions on the primary ballot:
  1. Should use of the Plainfield Township Park District's dog parks be regulated by permit?
  2. Should the Plainfield Township Park District impose term limits of its park board so that they may serve no more than two six-year terms?
  3. Should the Plainfield Township Park District investigate the purchase or construction of an indoor recreational facility?
Editor's note: Candidates are listed in the order they appear on the Will County Clerk and Illinois State Board of Elections websites. Candidates who will be part of a lottery to determine ballot placement will be notified by the county clerk's office, and the lottery will take place at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Dec. 10. The primary is March 18, 2014.

This story has been updated to reflect that Greg Sage, Democratic candidate for county clerk, has been removed from the ballot.

More election news:
John Neville December 04, 2013 at 11:04 AM
Based on the advisory questions from the Plainfield Park District, I have the following comments. 1. We should not vote for permit regulation of the dog parks. The majority of the dog park users only use the parks occasionally and will be faced with the decision of going through the hassle and expense of getting a permit or just breaking the law. Are park district officials really going to enforce this law or will the Plainfield Police? What will the $35.00 be used for, cleaning of the facility? I believe this is a play by Garrett Peck to keep the dog park all to himself. 2. There should NOT be term limits on the Park District Board. The reason we are in the mess we are in currently is because there were not enough good candidates running for the board and we were left with Janet Silosky and Pete Steinys which resulted in the appointment of an unqualified Executive Director, Garrett Peck. By limiting the candidates available for Board positions, we will have this situation more often. 3. We should NOT grant permission to the board to investigate the purchase or construction of an indoor recreation facility. I strongly believe that Plainfield could use an indoor facility, however, I also know how the Village of Plainfield loves to pay for studies. We need more specifics on what is meant by investigate. If the board wants to study it, that's fine, but lets not allow them to start paying for engineering studies. Additionally, lets not build a facility and put Garrett Pecks name on it.
Think About It December 04, 2013 at 11:37 AM
The Park District board and administration have continuously said no to the voters wishes, not to mention thier own board (like the recent re-vote the board pulled), IT'S TIME FOR THE VOTERS TO SAY NO, TO THE PARK DISTRICT!!! Make it CLEAR that the good ciiizens of our community will not accept their shenanigans!
Vicky Polito December 04, 2013 at 07:13 PM
I’d like to pivot on a few of Mr. Neville’s good comments above: 1) I think the reason these three silly, non-binding advisory referenda—called back-door referenda—are on the ballot is that this allows Peck and the board majority to use what in Illinois is called “the Rule of Three” to BLOCK a publicly placed referendum about things like RECALLING board members, etc. Citizens have to go through not an impossible effort, but more effort than the board majority does to put a referendum on a ballot. I think this is pure manipulation of the election code to keep any public initiative from coming to a ballot near you in 2014. 2) I live near this dog “park” and it’s really more of a dog “run”: L-shaped, narrow, and short. It’s not big enough to be very useful. It cost about $12,000 and it’s anyone’s guess why it was built at all, but this pointless referendum on the ballot fills one of the three slots I mention above. 3) The term limits thing is just more ballot filler. Experience is a good thing in some endeavors, especially ones with no paid compensation to those doing the work. It usually means the person with the experience is there because of a dedication to the work. We wouldn’t have Mather Woods if it weren’t for people like Mr. Wilson, who served on the board for three decades. Despite Peter Steinys blather about needing fresh ideas I see NOTHING fresh in the cronyism being practiced at the PPD. Not to mention, can anyone name even one thing that was going so badly at PPD prior to this spring that an infusion of “new” was needed? It’s like the old joke: it feels like a whole new park district, but then there was nothing wrong with the old one! When asked WHY term limits were being considered, Peter Hurtado was actually foolish enough to say out loud “because I believe in term limits”. Well, goody for him. Since when does one guy’s belief system matter? I’m amazed Hurtado could remember why he’s interested in term limits because he couldn’t correctly state how long a board commissioner’s term is. And, Comm. Newton brought up a very good point that if you’re so concerned about the public having quicker recourse to address problems in leadership then recall measures should be considered along with term limits. 4) Comm. Newton also reminded us of this reasonable consideration on asking about “investigating” having a new building: don’t ask the public that pointless question without including how much it could cost! Everyone would love a beautiful indoor facility the same way they’d probably love getting a new car every third year. But, ask them if they would love voting for the tax levy to pay for it, to the tune of tens of millions of dollars, and most people will tell you they just fell out of love. Same way they don’t go get that new car on a whim because no one is giving them away. Lastly, I got a note pointing out that the ballot for precinct committeemen is stuffed with people from PPD and their weird drum circle, including some girl Peck is dating. (Because THAT setup always works out great!) Many good Republicans at PTRO are very upset about this obvious attempt to take over and pretty much ruin the Republican Party in Plainfield. And, who can blame them? This is why we can’t have nice things. Well, maybe we can if we get out and vote and get better people onto the ballots to begin with. Power to the people. It’s there for us if we just get up and take it.
Alice Norelco December 04, 2013 at 10:50 PM
Get over your obsession with Garrett Peck. How in the H#$$ would someone like him time to do all of these evil things you keep posting. This like a moveon.org theme. Do you have a secret crush on GP? I was originally not in favor of the PPD events but the level a few of you took this to is ridiculous. How about a plainfield fire department employee who is an administrative assistant Cheri Lewis who makes more $ annually than the executive director at the PPD?? This is clearly a personal attack and is played out. Stick to facts
Alice Norelco December 04, 2013 at 11:05 PM
If you want to really clean up the Republican Party---- take a look at the double dippers: Garrett Peck- Village Trustee/Executive Director PPD Margie Bonuchi- Village Trustee/High Paid School District Employee- Roger Bonuchi- also elected Board of Education Member Ernie Knight- Police Officer/Township Trustee, Vicki Knight- Government employee and Plainfield Library Trustee Lee Goodson- State Employee for Tom Cross/Will County Board Member Peter Hurtado- Plainfield Park Commissioner/Samantha Hurtado Plainfield Library Trustee Chuck Willard-Plainfield Township Trustee/Joliet Fire Dept. Employee Mary Ludeman- Plainfield Park Commissioner/Plainfield Fire Dept. employee- Mike Ludeman- Plainfield Fire Dept. employee This incestuous group all have to go. Quit picking on just the ones you don't like and wipe these double/triple dippers all out of office. Multiple gov paychecks going into a household is wrong!
Vicki Knight December 04, 2013 at 11:50 PM
Eyes on Government, Do your homework. The Library Board Trustee position is unpaid. I'm not employed by the Government, Local, County, State or Federal. You are off by two dips since neither of the points you gave are valid.


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