14-Year-Old Plainfield Author Featured on WGN

Ravina Thakkar's new book, "The Adventure of a Lifetime," gets wider attention.

Ravina Thakkar, 14, of Plainfield
Ravina Thakkar, 14, of Plainfield

Born nearly two months premature and diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, there were days Ravina Thakkar's mom wasn't sure her daughter would survive that first year. Now, at 14, the Plainfield girl is a published author. She was featured on WGN TV this week. 

Tuesday, Dec. 3, was Ravina Thakkar Day in Plainfield, as decreed by the mayor. Learn more about her book, "The Adventure of a Lifetime," in a story published on Plainfield Patch last month.

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Vicky Polito December 10, 2013 at 11:14 AM
This is a great story, and once again, sexist though it sounds, I am pretty thrilled that yet another young WOMAN from Plainfield is such an inspirational success. Ms. Thakkar first wrote this story when she was 8 years old (!?!) and now at 14, she's also shown the discipline and talent to bring it this far? She is amazing and, I love that, like the young lady in a story the other day who was one of two gals dancing in the Joffrey production of "The Nutcracker" this year, or the two teens who were cooking up a great charity effort in Creekside, etc., these ladies are showing everyone how it's done. Congrats to Ravina Thakkar and can't wait to see who else will step into the light from our great town and state with talent, drive, and hard work. And, to be not so sexist, also love hearing about the young men in our village who also achieve great things (like the two wonderful guys who sort of modeled anit-bullying and just plain human decency for us all back in September). A place is as strong and good as the people who call it home, so how the heck can you beat Plainfield? You can't.


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