All In A Day's Work....

Parenting a big family is not always easy... but it certainly has it's perks! Visit my life as the mother of 6 kids, and watch me sqwirm and wriggle as I figure this gig out!

My crazy sister likes to ask my kids over for sleepovers every now and then.  She has 3 girls of her own, so when you add even a "few" of my kids into the mix, you have yourself an instant party.  She has the "Harlem Shake" video to prove it.  (trust me, it's good!)

I dropped them off at her house last night and Tony and I stayed for dinner.  I totally overdosed on chicken nuggets and tatter tots before we headed home.  I was kind of counting on Eliza sleeping well and enjoying the quiet night, but she had other plans... starting at 2:20, and every subsequent hour on the dot.  I finally gave up and put her in the play-yard downstairs, and I decided to sleep on the couch.  Heaven forbid that little stinker caught my eyes!  She'd start batting her little eyelids and giving me her little upward palmed, rapidly pulsing, "gimme paws" that usually melt my heart... but not so much early this morning. 

No ma'am, I'm sorry but I wasn't quite as ready for the day as you were at 4:30am this morning little lady!  All of her sweet little pudgy baby charm was lost on my heavy eyelids; and dream deprived mind.  I rolled over, and she gave up. 

Winner of sleep for 2 hours!  Yeah!

In the morning it seemed as though 101 real estate issues needed to be dealt with RIGHT NOW!. I planned to leave at 10:00 to pick up the kids but somehow it turned into 10:30 and I showed up to my sisters much later than planned.  Of course it was lunch time, and because she had a ton of leftovers from the day before, I overdosed on some more of those tasty chicken nuggets again. 

I had plans that afternoon to surprise the kids with an afternoon out with their best friend's.  I underestimated the amount of time it would take for me to meet one of my BFF's at a jumping place with our kiddos.  She has 4 kids of her own who match up perfectly in gender AND age with all 4 of my middles.  I love her kids.  Especially since they did not throw identical tantrums to the ones Leo and Jason had when I told them that we would not be dining in the food court tonight.

Oh, I forgot to tell you we were at the mall to take the kids to see the Easter Bunny... and pick up Mark and 4 of his friends that needed a ride home?  Yeah... me and Kristin + 14 kids.  That always ends well, doesn't it?  :o)

From there I hightailed it home to change into work clothes so I could show a home that I had to bump up by nearly 2 hours because I forgot that I had also signed up for a networking seminar tonight.  I left Nathalie in charge of making dinner.   Fish sticks and macaroni & cheese.  I'm 100% certain I could justify this meal using a food pyramid, so trust me when I tell you it had to be better than the food court.  I just know it was!

I was so pressed for time in changing my clothes that I had no time to be critical of my attire.  It actually didn't look half bad.  Maybe I should start stressing quite a bit less before I walk out the door.  I've been showing vacant houses lately to I'm not really sure it matters too much anyone else but me... BUT, I really need to work on this spring wardrobe thing.

Just before I reached the last leg of my stretch tonight, I got a text from one of my oldest and dearest friends that "Little "K",  baby Kenzie was born, complete with photos!  My heart melted.  She's perfect.  And oh, so, adorable!!!  I can't wait to meet her!

And I was off once again to the last stop of my whirlwind of a day.  It was a social media event for "The Patch".  It's the new "newspaper" of our times... and I had two big ventures that I am pimping.  Not only my real estate business, which is in a major uptick this year, but also with my new venture with the most amazing downtown photography studio. 

I ended the night with some really BIG ideas. I can't wait to see where they take us...

I wish I could say it would keep me awake tonight, unfortunately Eliza took care of all of that this morning.  Good night!  :o)

Want to read more about what it's like to have a BIG family?  Visit my blog at A Life... Less Perfect  to catch up on my experiences in motherhood! 

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