Electronics Overload in the Home, Bedroom -- and Your Sleep

Overuse of electronics and remote-controlled devices in the home and bedroom, and how they may be affecting your sleep.

I have to admit right off the bat that I am a creature comforts type of person. I love my remote controls! Ceiling fan remote, light remote, music remote, television remotes, car lock remote. I'm still waiting for the volume remote for my boys!

Then there are the can't-live-without electronics. You know what I am talking about ... the smart phones, iPod, iPad, Nook/Kindle, laptop (with Wi-Fi) and and cordless home phones, just in case!

It can get confusing really fast. There is a shortage of outlets in my home and an endless supply of charging cords that all look the same -- and these items are in need of constant charging. If you are anything like me, my laptop battery went out ages ago and it needs to remain plugged in at all times or I might go into Facebook withdrawal! 

So going to bed has become a real challenge. Our bed is literally littered with all of our "necessary" charging electronics and remote controls. First and foremost is the television remote, followed by the light/fan remote and the cordless phone. Are you going to get out of bed and turn all those things off after you are all nice and warm and toasty? Heck no! 

Now let's discuss the rest of the "necessities" of the new millennium family. At the very least, the two his/her smart phones. After-all, our wake-up alarms are set up on those and you never know when work or an emergency call may come. 

Then there is his work laptop. And I may want to read, so the Nook is charging just in case. I may decide to surf the net for a bit, so I have the iPad ready to go for that!

This doesn't even include the two kids and two cats who wander in about 1 a.m. to join us on the electronic bed. They take the most space of all!

Even the kids have their problems, too. At night, we make sure the Nintendo DS has not "accidentally" fallen under one of their pillows for some midnight fun. The addictive Wii game is kept downstairs in the living room, thank God, or they wouldn't sleep for days!

Hmmm, I think we need a good ole power outage. But what would we do?!  Play board games? Pop popcorn and have a living room floor campout? Maybe read a book together? I think it is time for a cutback. 

Recently I came across a person who has ZERO electronics in his bedroom. I asked why, certain he would list potential health risks. His answer was clear and simple: "For better sleep."

Wow, that is just too simple! You have just to love that!

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