Letter: Help Support Patriotic Fireworks Display

Community members can make donations to the Plainfield Park District's Fireworks Fund.

Dear Fellow Residents – 

The will host its fifth annual Patriotic Picnic and Fireworks Display on Tuesday, July 3. This FREE event will provide fun activities for the entire family beginning at 5 p.m. and will culminate with a fireworks display at dusk. The event will take place at . 

The park district is currently seeking donations to help fund this year’s fireworks. A donation web site has been established at www.melrosepyro.com/donate/plainfieldparkdistrict and all donations go directly to the park district’s Fireworks Fund.

Online donations can be made through PayPal or using a credit card. Checks made out to the Plainfield Park District can also be mailed to 23729 W. Ottawa St., Plainfield IL 60544, Attn. Melody Chapman. 

As a park district resident, I urge you to support this worthwhile community event. Our Patriotic Picnic and Fireworks event is Plainfield’s only public fireworks display. The Park District Board of Commissioners considers this event an important one to our community and has not only continued to host it, but also has subsidized the fireworks since losing a major funding partner in 2010. Obviously, we understand the challenges our community is facing in today’s economy. However, as our own budget continues to tighten, we must be persistent in seeking out new funding sources and sponsors to offset the cost of the event so we can continue hosting it into the future.

This year, we are asking the community for their support. Please visit our donation website at www.melrosepyro.com/donate/plainfieldparkdistrict. In addition, volunteers will be collecting contributions during the event. On behalf of the Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners, thank you in advance for your support!


Michael A. Brann, President

Plainfield Park District Board of Commissioners

MidwestGal June 23, 2012 at 11:26 PM
Maybe include on the Park District registration forms/webpage registration a box to check [to donate $1, $5 or $ specific amount] towards the fireworks. Plainfield puts on a great show and I hate for them to stop. There has to be some way to generate funds and donations.
Tim June 25, 2012 at 01:43 AM
I see nothing mentioned about any precautions being taken in Plainfield to prevent fires from this display. The area is in the middle of one of the worst droughts in 25 years, and conditions are ripe for a single spark to set off fires all around town. Grass is dry, and other landscaping fires have already started in local business locations in the decorative mulch from nothing more than a discarded cigarette. If the park district can make a statement that they will enlist the help of on-demand water tanks for the event, I would be more willing to support a donation. Until then, I can not ethically donate money to an even that has a high risk of starting fires around town, with no preventative measures being mentioned to allow for the unusually dry conditions.


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