Letter: Teachers' Union Endorses Glasgow

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Hopefully, I’m preaching to the choir when I mention the many reasons to reelect Jim Glasgow for Will County State’s Attorney.

The fact that he has recently won two very high-profile murder convictions is just one of many reasons he has earned our trust.

Mr. Glasgow has made much out of the state’s attorney’s office. All to his credit. The programs he has offered to the schools and the youth groups are examples of his commitment to the community.

I have known Jim for many years. I consider him very bright, very conscientious, and well-prepared to fulfill the office of state’s attorney.

Jim Glasgow deserves another term as state’s attorney. Let’s all recognize his achievements and return him to office.

Richard Manley, President

American Federation of Teachers Local 604


Robert October 19, 2012 at 03:16 PM
I could care less who the Teachers Union endorses and resent them taking a stand for political candidates of any kind. But of course, teachers know everything don't they....they know all about trying to impose there own political agendas on students and the public. Rather than presenting objective facts and letting people ( students) make their own decisions. If your union spent as much time on focusing on students and the classroom as it does on positioning itslef with candidates like your "friend" Jim Glasgow, perhaps our schools would not be in the shambles they are in. I am sure you have nothing better to do with your time since you have 3 months off during the summer, and your work day ends at 3pm. And of course there are those long coffee breaks in the teachers lounge. Meanwhile the rest of us struggle through 12-hour work days. Shut up Teachers Union....get back in the classroom.


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