Letter: 'Tell Illinois Politicians to Stop Taxing Us to Death'

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On Saturday of last week I had the privilege meeting State Representative candidate Bob Kalnicky.  

I had seen his mailers and commercials but [there] he was face to face at my front door. I asked Mr. Kalnicky the most important question to me during this campaign, when he gets to Congress would he get rid of Pat Quinn’s tax increase that is stealing my money? I told him if he answered my question the right way I would vote for him and write a letter to the editor for him, so here you go, Bob.  

I am sure you can gather that Bob Kalnicky committed to me that he would work to get rid of Pat Quinn’s tax on his first day in office. It seems ambitious but I liked his attitude. It showed to me that Bob knew that higher taxes aren’t getting us anywhere in Illinois.  

My cousin just left the state to go get a job in North Dakota and I am thinking about doing the same if things don’t start getting better. Tell Illinois politicians to stop taxing us to death by voting for Bob Kalnicky. 

Mark Wilson

Conservative September 29, 2012 at 10:23 PM
You're Echoing the same feeling that many of us feel here in Illinois. Thank you for taking the time to fight the corruption here in Illinois and demand a Democrats that passed the 67% increase be held accountable. Great Questions!


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