Letter: Undocumented Immigrants Should Not Have Driver's Licenses

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Now illegal aliens in Illinois may have driver’s licenses!  I for one disagree with this law as I believe that they have broken our law just by coming here!  HOWEVER, since our general assembly has passed this bill and our Governor has signed it, I wish to ask our legislators to amend this bill for the following reasons: 

1. It has become practice here in this state to rather pay the fine for driving without insurance, then to obtain it.  Most judges do not impose the maximum fine of $500.00 upon the offender bringing to court their proof of insurance.

2. Once somebody gets caught driving without insurance, they easily obtain it from one of the fly-by-night brokers, then cancel it, and then continue to drive without insurance.

3. There have been cases where the offenders actually leave the country to avoid prosecution.

4. Continued violations of this law contribute to the high cost of premiums for law abiding citizens!

To correct this injustice to the rest of us – WE call for an amendment which would raise the fine to $1000.00 dollars minimum for the first offense, $1500.00 for the second offense and seizure of the vehicle for the third offense! This harsh policy would no longer benefit those among us who find it cheaper to drive without insurance, and to pay the fine if caught!  We ask our legislators to enact this change to the law.

John Tipsworth


Mel January 14, 2013 at 07:22 PM
I so totally agree with you. I feel this is unfair to those of us who are law abiding. If they can't come here legally they don't deserve anything from us except to be deported.
barbyumi January 14, 2013 at 08:07 PM
Those who break our immigration laws should suffer it's consequences - deportation!
mike skovoski January 17, 2013 at 12:55 AM
You two are a disgrace , you two act like those people are getting a handout but that's not the case. The more legal the paper they get the more bills add up. Just like everyone else that is legal, and that is good for economy. Car ,health insurance, and that is just the beginning of the list ,don't act like they are living here for free. If you oppose it, it simply tells me either you are a racist,jealous, or you think your better than those people. Which in my eyes people whom think like you are bunch a dush****..


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