Letter: 'Why Not Fill Out The Questionnaire, Jennifer?

Reader has questions for State Senate candidate.

Recently the Patch came out with some good general election coverage and information for the voters to review on September 6th. Now that the ballots are out, I think people would like to read and hear more about the candidate’s positions on issues affecting all of the people they want to represent. Additionally, the questions asked are issues directly affecting those of us that live within this district. 

Specifically in the newly constructed 49th Senate district, I am looking for Jennifer Bertino-Tarrant to give us some answers to the questions that were asked by the Plainfield Patch. Agree with Mr. Peck or not his ideology, plan and positions are clearly spelled out for the voters to see. I would like to juxtapose his positions to hers thus allowing myself and the other voters to see where they both stand.   

“I’m an independent voice,” Jennifer said. Well, Mrs. Bertino-Tarrant, we have nothing in writing or statements that prove you are in fact “independent.”  I want to know if you are for or against the increased 67 percent income tax foisted on the already suffering families in this state by Governor Quinn and the Democrat (your) party.  

What are your thoughts on the fiscal disaster this state faces? How will you ensure pensions obligations without balancing it on the “backs of the tax payers,” as you mentioned in the recent forum. We have the highest gas prices in the nation due to the extreme taxes added from our state government, how will you ease this to help the middle class struggling here in this district?

You claim to be an independent voice, so prove it by showing us how your views differ from that of your party, and answer the questions!  

Jeffrey D. DeRango

Independent Registered Voter




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