Readers Say Bah Humbug to Black Friday Shopping

According to our poll,

We asked readers to tell us what they thought about Black Friday and stores opening on Thanksgiving night to give shoppers an even earlier jump on their Christmas shopping.

Surprisingly -- or maybe not -- more than 50 percent said they had no intention of doing any shopping on Thanksgiving or the day after and another 10 percent said shopping online is the place to go for deal.

Nearly 30 percent said they planned to go shopping but drew the line at starting on Thanksgiving Day.

Here's how the shook out:

** I wouldn't go shopping on Black Friday if you paid me -- 53 votes (54%)

** I don't mind getting up early, but starting sales on Thanksgiving is too much -- 22 votes (22%)

** Black Friday is passe -- the best deals are online -- 10 votes (10%)

** I'll go shopping on Black Friday, but not until morning -- 7 votes (7%)

** The earlier the better -- if I can get a deal, I'll be there -- 6 votes (6%)


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