We Asked: Are You Still Listening to the Radio?

We asked these Average Joes and Janes if they are still listening to FM/AM radio, or if they have switched to other ways to listen to music.

At approximately 1 a.m. July 15, the Chicago area said goodbye to WKQX, more commonly known as Q101. At the end of this month, it's to convert to an all-news format.

Whether that signals a demise in radio-broadcast rock music is probably premature to say, but it's clear that consumers have more options than ever for listening to music – especially in their cars. A Ford Focus, for example, has the capacity to play AM/FM radio, satellite radio, Internet radio, CDs and mp3 devices.

With so many choices, we wondered if people in Plainfield still tune into stations on their AM/FM radio. Brian Clauson, 33, of Plainfield said he uses a number of devices to listen to music in his car.

“I just like a variety,” Clauson said. “Sometimes I listen to CDs, sometimes the radio, sometimes the iPod.”

We walked around downtown Plainfield asking people if they still had the radio turned on. 

Click on each photo to read what people in town said.


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