Don't Let Gift Boxes Advertise to Would-Be Thieves

Leaving boxes from flat-screen TVs, computers and other items at the curb for trash collection is a good way to let potential burglars know what's in your house.


Empty boxes from Christmas gifts left at the curb for trash collection is a good way to tell thieves what's in your house that might be worth stealing, Will County Sheriff's Deputy Ken Kaupas said.

Boxes from flat-screen televisions, video game consoles, computers, jewelry and more are often left outside but should be broken and laid flat, Kaupas said.

"When a family places these empty boxes out after the holidays for garbage pickup, they are advertising the contents of their home to everybody who drives by their house," he said.

If possible, place the boxes inside recycling containers provided to residents by Waste Management. Otherwise, place the labels face down so they are not easy to read, Kaupas said.


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