Inordinate Amount of 'Forcible Rape' in Shorewood?

An FBI report released this week said the Shorewood police disclosed three incidents of "forcible rape" in the village in 2010.

The annual FBI Uniform Crime Report listed three incidents of "forcible rape" committed in Shorewood in 2010.

Based on the population of 16,666 used in the FBI report, that breaks down to one forcible rape per 5,555.3 residents.

This rate is nearly double that of neighboring Plainfield, a town with nearly two and a half times as many residents as Shorewood.

Minooka, a town of about 500 fewer people than Shorewood, had no incidents of forcible rape.

Individual departments self-reported their crime statistics, said FBI spokeswoman Cynthia Yates, and not every department in the state participated the survey.

For instance, no figures were given for the municipalities of Channahon or Crest Hill.

Shorewood apparently did not participate in the survey for 2009.

Newly minted Police Chief Aaron Klima was unavailable for comment. A representative of the department said he would remain unavailable until next week.

In fact, according to a representative of the Shorewood Police Department, no one from the department was authorized to publicly comment on the reports of forcible rape, or anything else, on Tuesday.

Along with the three incidents of forcible rape, the FBI report listed two robberies and 10 aggravated assaults for Shorewood in 2010. This was on top of 38 burglaries, 131 thefts, three motor vehicle thefts and two cases of arson.

So far in 2011, the Shorewood police have admitted to taking reports on not one forcible rape or arson at all. The police did arrest a man on charges of robbery and aggravated battery, but prosecutors almost immediately reduced this to counts of battery and theft, both misdemeanors.

Handled February 07, 2012 at 10:37 PM
What is Patch looking for? I am confused on the purpose of your inquiry here? Are you just angry that there have been no arrests made in atleast 2 rapes? Are you just out to make the Shorewood Police look bad? So what if there were no reported Arsons or Forcible Rapes in 2011...Police Officers do not control what crimes are committed and what crimes are not. I often find patch looking to smudge the reputation of too many departments in the area. It does not matter how many cops you put on the street, crime will always find a way to be committed. Criminals are consistent. Why dont you start commending the police in the joliet area for handling these incidents and for catching those suspects whom are not as good in covering thier tracks so to say. Less bad mouthing, more support from patch would be a nice change of pace.


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