Lawyers For Joliet Woman in Teen Sex Case Still Waiting on FBI Reports

The FBI and Chicago police have not responded to subpoenas for evidence in the Margarita Hernandez sex case.

Lawyers for the Joliet woman charged with setting up a sex date with a teenage boy are still waiting on the FBI and Chicago police to hand over reports.

The attorneys for Margarita Hernandez subpoenaed the reports but have yet to receive them. The lawyers, Steve Landis and Dan Locallo, also submitted a motion Friday asking for evidence related to the cell phones Hernandez and the teen allegedly used to send messages prior to the tryst.

Hernandez is free on bond. She faces up to 21 years in prison for allegedly having sex with the teen after he traveled to her home from Chicago in July.

The boy's mother went to the Chicago police and accused Hernandez of having sex with her son. The Chicago police passed the case off to the Joliet police and FBI. Hernandez was arrested in October.

Hernandez's live-in boyfriend, 76-year-old John Gabriel, has claimed that his young lover is nothing more than a pawn in a game of revenge played by the enemies he made over the years while working in the cutthroat world of weekly community newspapers.

"This is all a mechanism to try to get even with me," Gabriel said after his girlfriend was taken into custody. He explained that it was clear Hernandez was being framed in light of "how some of the people reacted when I went after some of the crooked policemen and crooked politicians."

picked the wrong kid April 10, 2013 at 03:58 PM
21 years!!!!!..........wow!!!!!!!


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