Lawyers Want Curl Info Used in Keller Murder Trial

A pretrial hearing next week will determine if jurors will learn that Curl fled after being questioned by police and had been previously accused of sexual abuse.

Prosecutors want to be able to tell jurors that William Curl fled Illinois after being questioned by police about the , according to pre-trial motions filed this week.

It's one of four prosection motions that will be heard on May 3 and 4, a little more than six weeks before Curl's June 11 murder trial begins, according to a story published by the DeKalb Daily Chronicle. Prosecutors also want to be able to bring up Curl's previous sexual abuse complaint and to block some information about Keller, the story said.

The defense has until Friday to file its pretrial motions, which will also be heard on May 3 and 4, the story said.

, a freshman at Northern Illinois University in DeKalb in October 2010, as well as sexually assaulting the girl and setting her body on fire. 

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