Reflecting on Toni Keller, One Year Later

Oct. 14, 2010, was the last day anyone saw the Plainfield student who was studying at NIU; today, her alleged killer awaits trial.

A year ago today, Antinette "Toni" Keller told her friends at Northern Illinois University that she was going for a walk at a nearby DeKalb park. It was the last time anyone saw the Plainfield 18-year-old alive.

On the anniversary of her disappearance, WTVO-TV in Rockford posted this account and video:

"One Huskie goes missing, we all join together to find them," said NIU president John Peters as he addressed the student body during the fall of 2010.

For days the NIU community walked in a cloud of fear.

"I tend to stay away from wooded areas because personally, I'm kinda freaked out by them," said NIU student Andrea Azzo.

NIU student Antinette 'Toni' Keller left her dorm October 14, 2010 and vanished.  Her remains found days later in the same park she was headed to, just steps from campus.

For the entire story and accompanying video, go to http://mystateline.com/fulltext-news?nxd_id=288297


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