Back to Drawing Board for Plainfield Dunkin Donuts Plan

Developer making "major changes" to plans for Dunkin Donuts, other retailers on Route 59 near downtown Plainfield.

Plans for a Dunkin Donuts at Route 59, Oak and Arnold Streets is being reworked. Credit: File photo
Plans for a Dunkin Donuts at Route 59, Oak and Arnold Streets is being reworked. Credit: File photo
After drawing criticism from residents, a proposal to build a retail center anchored by a Dunkin Donuts at the "triangle" at Route 59, Oak and Arnold streets is being retooled by the developer.

Plainfield Village Planner Michael Garrigan on Monday said the applicant, developer Lee Fry, has asked that the site plan and special use request be remanded back to the village's plan commission.

The proposal originally called for a 4,600-square-foot retail center with a drive-thru on a half-acre parcel at the corner, south of the Walgreens at Route 59 and Main Street. The center, known as "Triangle Shoppes," would consist of a Dunkin Donuts and two other retailers.

Last month, the village asked residents to share their thoughts on the proposal online via the award-winning Vision for Division site. 

Many comments on the site are critical of the plan:
  • "I do not believe that this development is in the best interests of the people who live in this neighborhood nor for the Village Of Plainfield. There will be increased traffic especially in the AM and with that traffic will come more noise, glaring automobile lights and traffic congestion. ..."
  • "This is a prominent area of the village and deserves architecture reflecting this. Dunkin Donuts and this design isn’t it. Our Vision seeks something memorable, something that honors our past and looks towards the future."
  • "I would prefer green space or a locally-owned business instead of another chain."
  • "I believe traffic on that corner is already very congested and adding 3 new businesses there is a bad idea. The fact that it is a Dunkin donuts does not bother me but the location is the problem."
  • "I just moved into the neighborhood and have two small children. This site is directly across the street from my home. As of right now I feel safe bringing groceries into my house with the kids playing in my driveway that faces oak st. If there is a dunkin donuts or anything similar, the traffic will be awful, Multiple unfamiliar cars will be around our kids,not to mention walking to a bus stop would be less safe."
The feedback has caused the developer to re-evaluate the proposal.

"Subject to numerous comments from the public, staff and the plan commission, the the applicant is working on a series of major changes to their proposed site plan for the subject site," a memo to the board said. "... Staff is continuing to work with the applicant to address the concerns of the plan commission and adjacent neighbors."

Trustee Bill Lamb said the decision to rework the proposal is an "excellent move" on the developer's part. "It's definitely a step in the right direction to get it done properly," he said.

Garrigan said the proposal will go back before the plan commission on May 20.

Mike Martin, an attorney for the developer, told the board on Monday that it would premature to say when the project could break ground. 

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Ron Jidzny April 08, 2014 at 06:31 PM
I was looking forward to seeing the improvements on this plan. Bill Lamb wants an improvement done to the 'Village of Plainfield' sign in front of Walgreens and mentioned that he likes the sign they have in West Chicago. That shouldn't even be a thought when you voted to continue a tax increase last night. Further demonstrating the lack of priorities in this Village. It may be nice to have but we don't need to have it. After the continuation of a sales tax increase last night, I'm done supporting any business in Plainfield. I'd rather get my coffee in the morning before hitting the interstate but I'll stop elsewhere before I get to work and I'll be sure to pump gas somewhere else too.
Lisa G April 09, 2014 at 08:44 PM
It's starting to get old seeing commercial deals getting shot down over & over. Plainfield badly needs; development, tax revenues & national stable businesses that don't fail within a year. The spot is perfect for Dunkin Donuts. The village has to start thinking about the 40,000 that live here and not just a few friends.
kyle korver April 10, 2014 at 01:22 AM
Just'a good 'ol town, never meanin' no harm. Beats all you never knew All 'bout who you knew Since the day they was sworn.... Makin' their way...... The only way they know how Plaintucky!


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