Library Trustee Explores General Assembly Bid

Robert Kalnicky could run for either state's 49th Senate seat or 98th House post.

Robert Kalnicky, a trustee for the  and a Romeoville business leader, is mulling a bid to the state's general assembly, he said Monday.

Kalnicky, a Bolingbrook resident, said he is considering a run to either the new 49th State Senate District or the 98th House of Representatives District.

Kalnicky said he expects to make a decision within the next two weeks.

The Senate district includes all of Plainfield and Shorewood, parts of Oswego and Romeoville, and a small section of Bolingbrook. 

"I have spoken with several local Republican leaders who have expressed support for my candidacy, and I will continue to speak with more leaders to gauge their support and interest in a possible campaign," Kalnicky said. 

Aside from his position on the library's board of trustees, Kalnicky is also the president of the Romeoville Area Chamber of Commerce and the executive director of the Community Service Council of Northern Will County.

Last week,  formally announced that he will be a Republican candidate for the 49th seat in 2012.  is also considering a run for the spot.

And according to a Chicago Sun-Times report, Janet Silosky of Plainfield plans to run in the new 98th District.

Jennifer June 29, 2011 at 07:13 PM
Oh, should I have put the throw stones in quotes too and spend my time reseaching where it originated from so I can list my reference page and sources under my blog? hahahahaha, crazy B.
Ricky Bobby June 29, 2011 at 07:16 PM
Her PhD came from a diploma mill. Any idiot willing to pay some money can apply to that school and get in. Admission into the school is 100% percent no academic achievements are even considered, that fact should tell a story by itself. Bonnie has no shot at winning any political position within 10 miles of Bolingbrook. She has tried and failed a couple of times. Candidates that have shown any allegiance to her and the group she formed have failed miserably as well. She is a cancer. She has alienated most of the residents town with her idiotic ramblings about the police and village administrators. She has no connection with what is needed in this community and is mostly wrong with her findings on taxes and business with the city.
Jay Washington June 29, 2011 at 07:34 PM
Ricky, “Good work, comrade, your regurgitation of party dogma is letter-perfect. In the USSR, they actually got to the point of declaring people who failed to conform 100 percent mentally ill.” We already discussed this was pure propaganda, no matter how much you talk about Bonnie. Her education is through the same accrediting body of Harvard and Yale. Her ability to attend college for over ten years is remarkable. The rest of your statement is just pure hatred on your half. Nobody else feels that way in this community except your political party lines. She took 25% of the votes as a write in and your goons booted her off the ballot so she would not win the last time because she was a threat to you.
Jennifer June 29, 2011 at 07:45 PM
Good one Jay on party dogma. That is all this is ever about. They attack Bonnie because of political party differences. It is like what the Republican's are doing to Obama, but now they are holding out on passing the budgets. It always gets turned around to make them look bad, and once again, the local's like Ricky, look bad again. They attack the person, not the subject. This makes them bullies and immature. But this is getting old. We need grown ups on here that can talk about the subjects and not atttack the person. However, since this is Bolingbrook, I doubt we will see any of that since the bloggers on here are Claar supporters and bullies. They take every topic like it is a political attack. It reminds me of watching the board meetings. A resident goes up to address a problem and they attack like flies on shit. For example, you talk about Tasers and they attack you personally. You talked about fireworks and they personally attacked you. No matter what you talk about, or Bonnie talks about, or Rhonda, Bob, or any other resident, it will be attacked for political reasons. They don't listen to their voters or tax payers. They are not transparent or available. They are bullies and power mungers. Most of all, this site and the bloggers other than Washington, are proof to those allegations. Wake up Bolingbrook and vote them out!
Dorthy Allen June 29, 2011 at 08:01 PM
Hogwash! I don't see anyone showing support for any political party or person. People have the right to call out your crap just like you have the right to say it in the first place. It's power mongers - Not power mungers. Bolingbrook just spoke a few months ago in the election. Get a clue or get out!


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