Plainfield Fire Protection District Meeting Video Available

Board announces names of five qualifying applicants for open trustee position

credit: Vicky Polito
credit: Vicky Polito

Following are links to the July 8, 2014 regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Plainfield Fire Protection District.  Here’s where to find the Agenda for this meeting.  In part 2 the board reconvenes after closed session and the names of the five qualifying applicants for the vacant trustee position are read into the open meeting.  This is the first PFPD meeting I’ve recorded and hope to make this a regular practice.

Should you have questions and comments for me relevant to the recording of this meeting, feel free to contact me at:




PO Box 1071

Plainfield, IL 60544

 PFPD mtng 08JUL2014 part 1 of 2

PFPD mtng 08JUL2014 part 2 of 2


Ron Jidzny July 10, 2014 at 01:49 PM
Some patch posters have discussed how paths cross to frequently and I just stumbled across something that needs to be questioned. http://www.plainfieldfpd.com/files/Meeting_08_14_12.pdf____Who is the salesman for MES? Mark Reynolds | LinkedIn Mark Reynolds's Overview. Current. Battalion Chief & Training Officer at Tri-State FPD; Outside Sales at MES-Illinois.____According to the May 14, 2013 board meeting minutes, there's a firefighter at the plainfield fire district by the name of Mark Reynolds who received a fruit basket. Is this the same Mark Reynolds that is applying to vacant trustee position? There's also a firefighter listed on their website. http://www.plainfieldfpd.com/images/parttime/Reynoldssmall.JPG____Is this just a popular name or are they all one in the same? I hope the current elected board considers their options and any potential conflicts it may create. Residents are really paying attention to what is going on around here.
Vicky Polito July 10, 2014 at 03:54 PM
Yes, the microphones need to be used to better effect. Here’s what I got in going to the meeting: anyone who tunes into ONE meeting (or reads ONE draft budget once in a blue moon) and expects the candy of information and understanding to reign down upon them as if the district was a pinata just waiting for that one glancing blow you dealt needs to get involved, stay involved, and WORK WITH the organization not in opposition to it. Here's the thing: at this meeting, during a week of hot commentary around the PFPD, I saw ONE other citizen in the audience, so frankly if this recording were not available for criticism today, you would have been able to "hear" even less than what the mics picked up because, guess what, no one bothers to show up. Everybody wants Utopia, but nobody wants to do the work. I'm up to the neck this week with people who cry about the Nanny State (which I know might not be you, RJ) but end up being some of the loudest voices demanding that every unit of government bake them a cake, frost it real pretty, and trot it over to them with candles blazing, saying "Make a wish!" Could we improve transparency? Definitely, always. Could the citizens do a better job being citizens? Yep—also always! Get up off your duffs and go GET the info you want, ask the questions you have, and be a part of OUR community rather than apart from it! At least follow along consistently from a distance via agendas and other documents! Here's a simple example, based on RJ’s criticism of the difficulty of hearing the trustees speak: you could just say, in person or in writing directly to the board, "Wow, I could not hear most of that, would the trustees please be more mindful of using the microphones and speaking up a bit for the future meetings?" If you had shown up on the 8th, you could have asked then and there, politely, and I'd bet my house that every one of those officials would have said, "Oh, sure. Sorry." Folks, you get what you pay for in this world and sometimes "payment" comes in the form of your energy and your effort, beyond what we do communicating in venues like The Patch. There's no free lunch and no free “community” or citizenship.
Ron Jidzny July 10, 2014 at 05:19 PM
Vicky, thanks for recording this meeting and being an active citizen to shed some light on this board. If I speak up at a meeting, I'm likely to be ejected and escorted out by police even if I ask politely. There's already a history of being ejected from public meetings in Plainfield. Benjamin Franklin once said, it is the responsibility of every citizen to question authority. There's nothing wrong with asking tough questions and it may be a difference of opinion whether it's done over e-mail or out in the public like it is right here. Quite frankly, the larger the audience, the better....which is exactly what they don't want to happen. I believe the local government bodies need the active review and oversight of involved citizens. Plainfield should not add to the deplorable image of Illinois being the most corrupt state in the nation. The Chicago way will not be the Plainfield way. To that end, active citizens should continue with their FOIA requests, advocate for politicians that represent the people's needs and concerns, and keep a much more critical eye on what these politicians do in the present and in the future.
Vicky Polito July 10, 2014 at 05:34 PM
Ron, thanks and you're welcome. I would only disagree and say that when I've met them, there are actually quite a good number of local public officials who DO want more people involved. A few of them sort of cringe even as they support it because they know that when we see the sausage getting made, we aren't always going to be happy and they are going to be on the line for it. Yet, there are good people who know that opening the doors and windows and packing the room is right. You're absolutely right that their are people who only mouth the words about citizen participation and government by the people for the people, etc. Some--I think they outnumber the others--simply feel like they get attacked regularly from the outside and wish people would come inside and really dig in and learn what's up and why things happen, etc. and DO THAT REPEATEDLY, CONSISTENTLY, not once every few years. More people want to work together than I think any corner of the graph realizes. So, giddy-up, let's get going getting involved! And, you would not get ejected as long as you aren't a nut, which you don't seem to be. Angry sometimes, sure. Who isn't. But, we all have to suck it up and rule our emotions instead of letting them rule us. In these meetings if we stay civil, albeit firm and direct, and participate over a long arc of meetings, we can engage anywhere and with anyone.
Ericus Alanas July 11, 2014 at 01:04 AM
Getting involved with the PFD is like the PPD with a bigger budget. Personally I love all their lazyboys with personal names stitched in, cheers.


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