Plainfield Housing Development Plan Moves Forward

Proposal calls for 183 single-family homes.

Plainfield trustees on Monday gave the OK for the village attorney to draft an ordinance that will allow the annexation of 79 acres in Kendall County into the village.

The property, located north of Walker, east of Ridge and west of County Line roads, would become the site of three distinct neighborhoods of 183 single-family homes under a proposal by TMJ Investments. The site is west of the Springbank development and north of Walker Point.

On Monday, village planner Michael Garrigan told Plainfield trustees that the homes would comply with village design standards. 

Applicant TMJ Investments doesn't yet have a builder on board for the project.

The same group is behind the Grande Park subdivision in Plainfield, attorney John Philipchuck told the board. 

Under the proposal, the village would initially waive impact fees on the development. However, TMJ has agreed to a five-year "sunset clause" on the waiver. If the project is not under development within five years of the approval of an annexation agreement, all applicable impact fees would have to be paid.
Hector April 13, 2014 at 03:35 PM
Right Ericus, all the new houses being built and sold are just a hologram. You must not get out much.
Seer April 14, 2014 at 02:19 AM
Hector- the people buying houses are only able to buy them because they are getting govt HUD loans with 0-3% down- private banks won't touch these deadbeat clowns with a 10 foot pole to write them a mortgage- that's the reason there are massive layoffs in the private bank mortgage depts. this is the SAME CRAP from 6-10 years ago that got the last housing bubble pumped up. You need to stop watching the teevee for govt propaganda.
JeffK April 23, 2014 at 11:27 AM
Hey Vicky Hector I thought housing was booming every where? New data released shows IL had a drop in March and wasn't just a drop in the bucket. You are quick to point out when you feel people are ill informed how about owning it once in awhile?


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