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Plainfield Park District Reverses Decision on Ad Banners

Plainfield Athletic Club now allowed to sell ball field banners.

Credit: File photo
Credit: File photo
Plainfield Park District will once again allow a youth sports league to sell advertising banners to be posted at park district baseball fields this summer.

Businessman Nick Diorio of American Family Insurance this week said he was notified that he could once again advertise with the Plainfield Athletic Club.

In March, spokesman Doug Booth said the ball field banners would be part of new marketing efforts by the park district. 

"We are taking the marketing aspect of a number of things in house as a way of raising revenue," Booth said at the time.

On Thursday, he said that had changed.

"Yes, the PAC is in charge of selling banner space at the ballparks they use," Booth said in an email to Patch. "The district is no longer involved in that process."

He said the decision was reached before park district personnel had finalized any ad sales.

Tim May 03, 2014 at 10:34 AM
TAI - Crest Hill also started mailing out their property tax rebate checks to residents last month... Obviously it is more important to remodel the offices in village hall in Plainfield. The PTRO has really pulled the wool over the residents in Plainfield... tricking everyone into thinking they are actually republicans.
Vicky Polito May 04, 2014 at 01:12 AM
New Lenox is in great part able to do this because they built that new hospital and cancer center and this rebate is directly tied to going to home rule and thus hiking their sales tax a full percent five or six years ago. Crest Hill is enabled by having a lot of mostly long standing and heavily polluting industrial development (I know you couldn't pay me enough to live there instead of here). I'm not saying Plainfield can't be better with tax money--every place can--but I am saying that some of these comparisons are flawed. I've seen a couple of small items that looked like they needed a fix or a sprucing up at the village hall, but I too would like to hear why a larger remodel is on the agenda and why there is a request to skip bidding. On the face of it, that seems wrong.
Tim May 04, 2014 at 01:46 AM
Crest Hill gets a rebate because they enacted a 1.0% increase in their sales tax(yet it's STILL lower than Plainfield), and the residents voted on it in a referendum placed on the ballot in 2012. The proceeds of it were used to rebate property taxes, and hire police officers... It has nothing to do with 'polluting industry'... Plainfield has higher taxes, and gets what in return? No more needed police officers, but a nice new remodel in an almost brand new building. What is MOST troubling, is that even though it was clearly demonstrated the traffic lights in Plainfield need serious attention when it snows, NOTHING is being done to fix it. Dysfunction writ large.
Ron Jidzny May 04, 2014 at 02:07 AM
Do any of those items include a new office for Brian Murphy and Mayor Collins? How does that serve the residents better? It's time that some residents start standing up and take back what had once been a nice community to live in. This certainly isn't the Village I was born in and it's not the one I want to die in either. It's one more reason I will not contribute sales or gas tax to any business in Plainfield for absolutely ridiculous projects like this. Other residents should consider where they spend their tax dollars. The Village Board majority is Republican so let's see how 'fiscally conservative' they actually are on Monday night. But then again, here's a group of geniuses that purchased Baci for what reason? And dumped tens of thousands of dollars into so it can sit on the market and get older.
Think About It May 04, 2014 at 07:33 AM
Yeah, why spend money on a not that old and what appears to be a big cavernous building that you rarely see much of the public in? When I lved in Crest Hill in the 90's they were reducing their water rates to residents too. Yeah it was a long time ago but at least these town's governments like Crst Hill and New Lenox are thinking pro-resident. They help their residents when they can.


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