Plainfield Village Board Meetings Now Online

After resident request, meetings are now posted to the Web.

Last month, a Plainfield resident wrote an open letter asking Plainfield officials to put board meetings online — and now they've done just that.

The village announced Wednesday via Twitter that meetings are now being posted to YouTube.

Village board meetings for May 19 and June 2 have already been uploaded the site.

Click here to subscribe to the Village of Plainfield YouTube channel.

Butch June 06, 2014 at 08:13 AM
The link to subscribe does not work.
Vicky Polito June 06, 2014 at 10:58 AM
I just took a look at the board meeting videos available thus far (just went to YouTube and searched for "village of plainfield") and the visual isn't bad, but the sound issue, picking up the audio, does need to be addressed. I want to "see" the meeting, definitely, but honestly without dependably being able to hear what's being said, by everyone, this is less useful than it could be. I hope that some improvements to the recording process can be made in the coming weeks and months that would address that bit. Still, glad this is being made available. One suggestion I have that I think could be fairly painlessly and immediately implemented by whomever is responsible for posting the video: please consider adding some brief description text in that "box" available for it on each video that could at minimum include links to the meeting agenda, minutes, other board packet documents, slide show presentations, etc. That would give citizens more ease in accessing the key documents that are pertinent to each meeting. Thanks in advance for anything you can do!
Ron Jidzny June 07, 2014 at 02:08 PM
Well this is a good start to increase the audience of Village Board meetings however it is not good enough. This should be part of a comprehensive transparency plan for the Village. When will Brian Murphy be posting the Village Board packets online much like our neighbors of Bolingbrook, Naperville, and Joliet. Why is Plainfield so behind the times? Jim Racich wants the 'best' for Plainfield but Brian Murphy isn't providing the best for us.


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