Shorewood Running Scared on Snow Suit?

The Shorewood town lawyer defending the village from a personal injury lawsuit involving a sledding accident won't answer questions about the 3-year-old case.

Four years have passed since Jessica Mahon supposedly hurt herself while crashing her sled into a sign at the bottom of the hill.

A year after the accident, her parents sued the , claiming the town is responsible for Jessica's injuries.

The case remains unresolved in the three-plus years since Jessica's parents, Jon and Kristy Mahon of Plainfield, filed their lawsuit in Will County court. And the matter was back in court again last week, where it was set over for another month and a half.

The Shorewood town attorney handling the case, Kevin Yusman, has failed to return calls for comment. Yusman also failed to answer questions left on his voice mail, particularly why the case has dragged on so long, whether Shorewood has any responsibility to ensure the safety of the public, and his feelings on the injured girl and her family.

The Mahons are seeking $50,000 from Shorewood, plus the cost of their legal expenses.

In their lawsuit, the Mahons allege that Jessica sustained "serious personal and pecuniary injuries" in the January 2008 sledding mishap. The lawsuit does not detail the girl's injuries or provide her age. She is described as a "minor child."

Shorewood slapped back at the Mahons in May, filing a counterclaim alleging negligence on the part of Jessica's mother.

The counterclaim accuses Kristy Mahon of failing to properly supervise her daughter and of failing to exercise reasonable care and control over the girl.

John Schrock March 22, 2012 at 11:50 AM
The ethical rules specifically provide that lawyers can talk to the press. The prohibition is against saying something in the press that the lawyer knows would be unfair to the other party in court. Litigation takes time. Three years is not uncommon, many lawsuits take longer. I don't know the facts of the lawsuit that would determine the probable outcome. Did shorewood have knowledge that where the sign was placed was a place where sledders had in the past collided into the sign? What supervision, if any, did the parents provide for the young sledder? These are facts which everyone is speculating about and which Joe would like to hear about from the lawyers.
Joseph Hosey March 22, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Thanks John.
Tired of Gov't March 22, 2012 at 08:16 PM
Now we know why the depression Generation still uses their mattress. Never never never sign up for overdraft protection either. Its a scam just waiting to fee you to death. Debit cards are trouble. They have no protection from identity theft. They can wipe out your account and you must hope the bank covers it. At least with a credit card you are only responsible for $50.00. After this latest financial debacle, all the weaknesses have shown through. CASH IS STILL KING!
Dumbfounded September 15, 2012 at 11:02 PM
I've got to ask why in the world you think the parents are responsible? The mother was at the bottom of the hill waiting for the girls to slide down and a village employee comes up and puts up a construction horse sign saying the hill was now closed for sledding WHILE Jessica was 'mid-flight' down the hill. She slams into it, completely screws up her face, teeth etc. Don't you think the village employee should have waited to put up that sign until the kids that were sliding down were at the bottom of the hill?! Good grief, what should the mother should have done? Put on her Superman cape and flown to the hill and saved her daughter? Imagine watching your child sliding down KNOWING she is about to be seriously injured and not being able to stop it..... Know the facts before you point fingers and push blame around..... the village of Shorewood needs to pay for their incompentent employee and help get this girls face back to its preaccident state.....
Dumbfounded September 15, 2012 at 11:06 PM
Crappy parents? O-M-G you are an idiot and clearly are not a parent yourself.....


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