White House Answers Patch Reader's Question

Plainfield native Dylan Schrock was one of just six Patch readers from around the country whose question was selected to be answered by the office of the POTUS.

In January, the White House Office of Digital Strategy reached out to Patch to get questions from its users. In return, .

One of the responses chosen was from Dylan Schrock, a  native now living in Ann Arbor, MI, who asked President Obama's office, "While you seek to punish those responsible for the sub-prime mortgage crisis, will you pursue those in positions in the federal government and federal agencies who had an impact, or will you simply pursue those in private financial sector?"

In the video above, you can see the response from National Economic Council Deputy Director Brian Deese.

"The president's approach to the housing crisis and the financial crisis is designed to be comprehensive and to seek out wrongdoing wherever it happened, but also to focus on homeowners and those who were the victims of this crisis and speed help and assistance to them in whatever way possible," Deese said. 

Watch the video for Deese's full response.

Patch reached out to representatives from the Republican party with similar questions, but received no response.


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