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Village: Noise Study Approval is ‘Definitely Progress’ on 143rd St. Extension

Next step for the Plainfield project is getting phase 1 engineering approval.

The Village of Plainfield had one more thing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving as plans for the 143rd Street extension inched forward.

A day before the holiday, village staff got word that the Illinois Department of Transportation had signed off on the latest noise study for the project, according to Randy Jessen, the village’s superintendent of public improvements.

The proposed project would extend 143rd Street from Route 126 so that it runs through to Route 59, allowing motorists to bypass heavily traveled downtown Plainfield.

According to Jessen, the noise study found that the increased traffic that will come with the extension would not be a “significant impact” on the surrounding area. The findings note that the decrease in decibels that would come from installing a sound barrier would be nominal compared with the additional cost.

However, Jessen noted that the village is willing to work with concerned homeowners to mitigate the project’s aesthetic impact by installing berms and landscaping.

Since the project was proposed, some residents have voiced concerns about the impact it could have on residents' quality of life, along with the effect on wildlife.

A page dedicated to the project on the village website calls the extension a “logical connection between Route 126 and Route 59,” adding, “as the village and the surrounding area has grown in population and industry over the last few years, the need for this project has grown as well. The increase in traffic has prompted the design work for the roadway to begin.”

Jessen said the approval of the noise study will allow the village to move forward with seeking phase 1 engineering approval from IDOT.

“This is definitely progress,” he said. The next step would be starting phase 2 engineering, including getting the project ready to go out to bid.

A bigger hurdle will be funding for the project, which Jessen estimated will cost $18 to $20 million. The village intends to pursue state and federal funding opportunities.

“It’s really more than the village can handle on its own,” he said.

The 143rd Street extension is among a list of “significant transportation projects” identified as the village works to update its transportation plan.


Residents can share their feedback on priority projects by submitting comments and photos at www.plainfieldtransportation.com.

Ed Arter November 28, 2012 at 04:17 AM
Big wheels ($18-20 million) move slow. Time to hit second gear. Web page says Stage 2 should be completed by November 2011. What???
Ron November 28, 2012 at 04:17 AM
The roadway needs to be a top priority for the Village. This extension is needed to enhance the transportation network throughout the Village. It may even eliminate the need for policeman to hide in the bushes by the railroad tracks on 126 just east of 59.
Conservative November 28, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Another example of poor planning by Plainfield, Build high-density housing to increase the crowded roadways, then plan for 10 years later to increase roadway routes and sizes. Sorry but most people agree this should have been started years ago, and the roadways around and thru Plainfield are always jammed up. Back-azzwords if you ask me.
Ron November 28, 2012 at 05:54 PM
What has the Republican slate of the Village Board done to bring in commercial/industrial businesses to Plainfield? They certainly haven't attracted much.
BitterBluePoison December 16, 2012 at 02:02 AM
This extention would be a blessing to Plainfield. Priority one!


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