Village Still Looking for Input on Dunkin Donuts Plan

Comments being accepted online regarding Route 59 project.

Plans for a Dunkin Donuts at Route 59, Oak and Arnold Streets are being reworked. Credit: File photo
Plans for a Dunkin Donuts at Route 59, Oak and Arnold Streets are being reworked. Credit: File photo
A proposal to build a retail center anchored by a Dunkin Donuts at the "triangle" at Route 59, Oak and Arnold streets is being retooled after drawing criticism from residents, but the village is still asking for feedback.

Last month, applicant Lee Fry asked that the site plan and special use request be remanded back to the village's plan commission. It will go back before the committee on May 20.

In the meantime, residents can share their feelings on the project via the award-winning "Vision for Division" website.

The original proposal featured a for a 4,600-square-foot retail center with a drive-thru on a half-acre parcel at the corner, south of the Walgreens at Route 59 and Main Street. The center, known as "Triangle Shoppes," would consist of a Dunkin Donuts and two other retailers.

Visit the Vision for Division website to leave your input.

Ron Jidzny May 06, 2014 at 12:48 PM
Why would trader joe's come to Plainfield when everyone keeps going to them? If all of Plainfield stopped shopping there, they may give it more consideration. Have you bothered to even look at your tax bill and your local sales and gasoline taxes and your water bill? Most successful businesses look at that before deciding to start their business.
Grandpamike May 06, 2014 at 12:55 PM
Maybe the parcel at 119 & 59 can be repurposed as was proposed years ago to create a shopping area called, I believe the Polo Club or something like that with a major chain anchoring it and have a theater, and shopping and restaurants ? This was about to happen until the economy hit the rails, but maybe now, since other areas of the economy are picking up it is something that is feasible now.
Michelle May 06, 2014 at 01:13 PM
If a reputable, sales tax producing store wants to open, let them open!!!
Randy Wayne May 06, 2014 at 01:50 PM
My "Vision for Division" is to raise the speed limit to something reasonable. I often travel the entire length of RT. 59 and Plainfield is the ONLY part of 59 that has a 30 MPH speed limit. Don't you think that it's embarrassing that people from other suburbs think that we're an uptight little hick town? Build the Dunkin Donuts. Plainfield is NOT Naperville and will never be Naperville. Get over it...
Tom Brooks May 06, 2014 at 03:07 PM
Joel Craig said " Here's what will happen if they allow DD to build in this location: because of the road configuration, access will be designed as "right in-right out" only. Unfortunately, and at the heaviest traffic time of day for both Rt 59 NB and DD, drivers will disregard both the right in and the right out, creating a NB bottleneck as well as creating a danger while attempting a left turn to get back into NB traffic." @ Joel, I agree, that it should be a right in and right out only scenario. With that said, should be really deny a business from coming in because some people may violate that rule? Isn't this why we have a police department? If our local police have enough time to hide behind bushes to give out seat belt tickets, surely they could carve out time to enforce violations as well. For the record I have no "horse in this race", I like DD's coffee but as a bona fide doughnut lover, what they call a doughnut is anything but! My point is that when we have a viable business seeking to expand our corporate tax base, we ought to be reasonable in our expectations or we will continue to sit on empty lots.


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