Wheatland Township Race: Morse Seeks Re-Election as an Independent

The former Wheatland Township Republican Organization chairman did not attend Dec. 4 Republican caucus and will appear on the ballot as an Independent.

Wheatland Township Supervisor Todd Morse did not attend the Dec. 4 Wheatland Township GOP caucus, opting not to challenge a group of Republicans looking to cause a shakeup on the township board.

Instead, the former Wheatland Republican Township Organization chairman will run as an Independent. Also appearing on the ballot as Independent candidates will be Wheatland Highway Commissioner Dayton Jarnagin and Assessor Kelli Lord.

All three incumbents previously ran as Republicans, and are seeking re-electon on April 9. Current Wheatland tax collector Aatif Rahman will run as an Independent for a spot on the board of trustees, as will Catherine Bishir, Gary Brooks and John Weiffenbach.

All four trustee spots on the board are up for election. 

Meanwhile, a slate of GOP candidates won the support of electors at the December 2012 caucus.

Current township clerk Chuck Kern will seek to usurp Morse's role as supervisor, while deputy clerk Bill Alstrom is running for the clerk's spot.

The rest of the Republican slate is as follows:

  • David Monaghan - Assessor
  • Scott Bishop - Highway commissioner
  • Deb Holscher  - Trustee
  • Mike Crockett - Trustee
  • Darren Bennefield - Trustee
  • Raquel Mitchell - Trustee
  • Ben Peterson – Tax collector

Wheatland Township Democrats are also vying for a presence on the township board. Their candidates are:

  • Marc Poulos - Supervisor
  • Christine Wawronowicz - Clerk
  • Dawn De Sart - Highway commissioner
  • Nick Palmer - Trustee
  • Thomas Mikesell - Trustee
  • Thomas Verdone - Trustee
  • Michael J. Allen - Trustee
  • Margaret Tyson - Tax collector

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Christopher Reynolds January 16, 2013 at 12:55 PM
I am from Florida and we do not have townships or so many school districts, everything is done at the county level. The county does the responsibilities of the townships and school districts. Each county only has one school district. I for the life of me cannot figure out why Illinois has so many different levels of government. The redundancy is administration and keeping the lights on for each of the levels to me is completely absurd. I don't really see the need of townships, it is an antiquated form of government and needs to be retired.
Manley Tyson January 24, 2013 at 07:30 PM
Is Todd Morse going to talk about the no bid government contracts awarded to the large campaign contributors that sponsored his last fundraiser?
Ken Pulliam October 30, 2013 at 08:38 PM
For a meeting that already passed?


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