Lemont High School Plans 8th Grade Open House

Prospective students and their parents are invited to tour LHS to learn about its facilities and academic and extracurricular programs on Wednesday, Nov. 7.

Lemont High School will host its annual 8th Grade Open House from 6:30-8 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 7. The event provides an opportunity for current 8th-grade students and their parents - from both Old Quarry Middle School and local Catholic and private elementary schools - to meet LHS teachers, guidance counselors and administrators.

Any incoming student who lives within Lemont High School’s attendance boundaries, or who plans on living within those boundaries during the 2013-14 school year, is encouraged to take advantage of this “sneak peak” of the school. Lemont High School’s attendance boundaries include Lemont and portions of Darien, Downers Grove and Woodridge.

Students and parents alike will have the chance to learn about the academic and extra-curricular programs offered by Lemont High School, which recently was named as one of the top high schools in Cook County by Chicago Magazine and for many years has ranked among the area’s top high schools, according to both the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. Prospective students and their parents may visit various areas throughout the building as well.

Individuals with disabilities who need accommodations are encouraged to call the school’s main line at 630-257-5838 in advance to make arrangements.

The 8th Grade Open House will begin in the school’s Performing Arts Center, which is located on the southwest side of campus. Lemont High School is located at 800 Porter Street in Lemont.

Note for parents of students enrolled in Catholic elementary schools:

The “High School Recruitment” section in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Handbook for School Administrators places restrictions on the relationships that public schools may have with Catholic grade schools. Specifically, Catholic elementary schools may not:

  • Invite public high schools to Catholic elementary school-sponsored
    high school recruitment events;
  • Provide an opportunity for public high schools to hold placement
    tests on their campuses; or
  • Distribute promotional materials from public high schools.

Current 8th graders who attend a Catholic elementary school but live within Lemont High School’s attendance boundaries are encouraged to attend the school’s 8th Grade Open House on Nov. 7, and learn more about the wealth of opportunities that Lemont High School offers its student population.

Parents of Catholic school students who are considering attending Lemont High School next year are encouraged to visit the “Class of 2017” banner on the school’s Web site - www.lhs210.net – and download the “Request for Release of Student Records” form.

Submitting that form to the student’s Catholic elementary school is the only method by which Lemont High School may receive important school information about that student, including testing information.

Once Lemont High School receives a student’s directory information, it can communicate with him or her about important topics such as freshman course registration, placement testing and other items.

Editor's note: The above information is contained in a press release from Lemont High School.

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