Video Poker Cop 'Too Invested in Hand He Was Being Dealt,' Driver Says

Local residents were quick to react to a YouTube post of a Bolingbrook police officer allegedly playing video poker while on the job—and driving in a snowstorm.

Reaction to a video posted on YouTube of a Bolingbrook police officer allegedly playing video poker while driving a squad car in a snowstorm was swift on Bolingbrook Patch and on social media.

Bolingbrook Officer Filmed Playing Video Poker on the Job is Under Investigation

Included was a telling tale from the driver of the vehicle next to the officer’s squad car. He says his female friend shot the video that was posted on YouTube on Tuesday.

Here is a sampling of the reaction:

Bolingbrook Patch

Nicholas Peter Urgero January 08, 2014 at 08:42 PM

Just so everyone knows. I am the one who was driving while my friend was recording the video. She wanted to take a photo but I accidentally sped up too much. I then let go of the gas and evened out with him. The picture didnt work so she recorded it. We were RIGHT next to him for over 2-3 minutes while driving and he didnt look over once. He was too invested in the hand he was being dealt. He was 5-6 car lengths behind the car ahead of him. He didnt know what was going on around him.

Bolingbrook Facebook

Stephanie Kreidler Distracted Driving Kills.... there is no tolerance for that.

Fela R. D. Torres I don't think he should be fired over this...but he should pay for this like any of us would... have it be on his driving record so it can affect his personal auto insurance like ours does. Yes he is human and yes we have probably all done this at one point in time but it's bad when a cop does it and on the job none the less...he should be held accountable I have two teen drivers out here in Bolingbrook and they know that if they ever get stopped and ticketed for texting or talking while driving their license and cars are mine for at least a month or whenever I feel like giving them that privilege back.

Colleen Meeker The screen was left open and on to zynga poker on the officers facebook acct... arent those computers to catch bad guys n not a good hand??

Nikki Mellerke In all fairness nothing has been proven. How do we know the officer didn't have it open in the parking lot...got a call to leave and just forgot to close it? I'd love for anyone here to tell me they have never played either a game or been on a social network during company time and on company devices. Granted if it does wind up coming out that the officer was playing and driving...obviously there should be some type of consequence. But to say the officer should lose their job is insane. For all of you going crazy and judging...tell me honestly you've never done anything that was distracting while driving? No one is perfect. ..no accidents occurred and no one was hurt. Let the department carry out their processes and leave it alone

Joe Johnson To those saying ticket. Sure ticket him and let him have his day in court. He has a right to meet his accusers much like how a cop would be present for court. Let Heaven and Nick testify against the officer and let a judge weigh if there was enough evidence or not. People say Police aren't above the law, but they also have rights and should be afforded the right to a fair trial and not a public witch hunt.

Romeoville Facebook

Nathan Mason The cops would not hesitate for ONE MOMENT to write us up! What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

Gina Purgatorio Battista Setting a horrible example as an officer.

Danielle R Ellis Hate to say it but odds are if he has been caught once he has probably done it before or will continue to do it more

Ml January 10, 2014 at 09:52 AM
no biggy
Meghan Courtright January 30, 2014 at 08:09 AM
I want to know what he and his boss have to say about this. I don't text while I drive. I certainly don't use a computer while I drive. People take too many risks on the road. Someone could get hurt or killed. This officer needs some sort of reprimand to show that this will not be tolerated. It's disrespectful to everyone on the road around him.


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